Acer Returns Strong to the Gaming Monitor Arena

The Acer Predator X27 F3 displayed on a table.
Computex 2024 emblem.
This article is part of our report on Computex, the largest computing event globally.

Acer recently unveiled three fresh OLED gaming screens at Computex 2024, which comes as no surprise. Time and again, we witness a variety of new Predator screens featuring an up-to-date panel, albeit at a price point that lacks competitiveness with the rest of the market. While pricing remains unchanged, one of Acer’s new screens may help it regain the legendary status it once held.

Let’s rewind a bit. Some years ago, Acer dominated the gaming screen arena. The Predator X34 stood out as one of the finest gaming screens available, boasting the sought-after 21:9 aspect ratio and a high refresh rate. It occupied a similar market segment to what the Alienware 34 QD-OLED does today. Acer was an early entrant and rode that wave for several years.

In recent times, Predator screens have lagged behind. We often see the same panel already present in screens from Asus, MSI, or Alienware, housed in a Predator casing at a higher price — typically trailing the competition by several months. The Predator X27U F3 marks a refreshing departure from this trend.

Characteristics of the Acer Predator X27 F3.

This is a 1440p OLED screen with an impressive 480Hz refresh rate. We’ve encountered this panel before, back in January, when Asus showcased its version of this display. The issue is that Asus has yet to release its 480Hz display, while Acer is already setting a timeframe for the arrival of the Predator X27U F3.

It’s slated to launch in the third quarter of the year, between July and September. There are discussions about when Asus will unveil its version, with a recent post on the topic just a month ago. Asus has indicated its intention to release its screen in the latter half of the year. Hence, Acer might be the first on the scene, or at least in close pursuit of Asus.

The potential stumbling block for the Predator X27U F3 could be its price tag. Acer mentions a price of $1,600, which is exorbitant. While most OLED gaming screens come at a high cost, with exceptions like the MSI MPG321URX and Asus ROG XG27AQDMG, $1,600 still stands out. It’s uncertain if this aligns with Asus’ pricing.

The Acer Predator X27U F3 positioned on a table at Computex.

Aside from the remarkable refresh rate, Acer indicates that the X27U F3 will achieve a peak brightness of up to 1,300 nits in HDR. This is one of the highest brightness claims we’ve encountered. It will also feature DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB-C inputs, all capable of running at maximum resolution and refresh rate. Acer plans to include a KVM switch, though regrettably, the USB-C port lacks power delivery support.

Despite the steep price, the Predator X27U F3 is a surprising offering from Acer, especially at this early stage in the product cycle. This is the kind of screen one would typically expect Acer to unveil early next year, but that’s not the case here. Not only is the Predator X27U F3 the second 480Hz OLED we’ve seen, but it’s also arriving surprisingly soon.

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