Enhancing Your Windows 11 Start Menu with Personalized Features

Upon initial booting of your new PC, the appearance of your Windows 11 Start Menu will mirror that of every novice Windows user. However, this does not imply that you are unable to modify the layout of this pivotal menu. Windows 11 provides a plethora of customization features, with the Start Menu being just one component of the dashboard that you can tailor to your preferences. Here is how you can access all the necessary settings and switches to accomplish this task.

Level of Complexity


Time Required

5 minutes

Necessary Tools

  • A Windows 11 PC

Customize settings for the Windows Start Menu.

Modify list of recently included applications, accessed items, directories

One notable novelty of the Windows 11 Start Menu is the recommended segment, showcasing recently added applications and accessed items. If you wish to personalize the appearance of your Start Menu slightly, focusing on this area is a good starting point as you have the ability to enable or disable these features.

Step 1: Initiate Windows 11 settings by pressing the Windows Key and I on your Keyboard. Select the Personalization category in the sidebar.

Step 2: Navigate to Start and explore the various options. If you prefer not to view recently accessed files, deactivate the option. This action creates an empty space in your Start Menu, which can be filled by activating the options to Show recently added applications and Show most used applications.

Step 3: For additional personalization, you can also modify which directories are displayed on your Start menu adjacent to the Power button. Locate this setting under Folders and customize it by toggling the desired items next to the power button.

The application settings popup in Windows 11.

Erase applications or rearrange app sequence on the Start Menu

Similar to Windows 10 and previous Windows editions, you have the ability to eliminate certain applications from your Start Menu if you are dissatisfied with the list. Moreover, you can pin and reorder your own applications according to your preference. Here is how you can accomplish this.

Step 1: To remove an application from the Start Menu, simply right-click on it and select the unpin from Start option. Subsequently, the application disappears from your pinned list.

Step 2: To pin an application in its place, click the All Applications button, right-click on the desired application, and select Pin to Start.

Step 3: At any time, you can rearrange your pinned applications on your Start Menu to alter their order and appearance. This can be achieved by clicking, holding down on the application, and dragging it with your mouse.

The Personalization dashboard for the Windows 11 Taskbar.

Adjust the Start Menu location

The primary alteration in the Start Menu of Windows 11 involves its position in the center of the screen. Nevertheless, if you prefer a traditional layout, you can relocate it to the left side. Follow these instructions to make the adjustment.

Step 1: Open Windows 11 settings by pressing the Windows Key and I. Proceed to the Personalization section, then navigate to Taskbar behaviors.

Step 2: Within the Taskbar behaviors, locate Taskbar alignment and switch it to Left. The Start Menu will promptly shift to the left side of the screen.

The Colors Personalization screen in Windows 11.

Modify the Start Menu color

If you are displeased with the color of the Start Menu, you have the option to customize it to suit your preferences. Notably, the color modification will also affect the Taskbar and the appearance of your windows, so consider this aspect.

Step 1: Initiate Windows 11 settings by pressing the Windows Key and I. Proceed to the Personalization section, then locate Colors.

Step 2: Within the Colors section, switch your theme to Custom. Under the default Windows Mode, choose Dark and select your preferred option under default app mode.

Step 3: Subsequently, under Accent color, choose a color that appeals to you. If your desired color is not listed, you can create a custom color using the View color option. Ensure that the toggles for Show accent color on Start and Taskbar, as well as Show accent color on title bars and window borders, are both enabled. This will introduce more color to your Start Menu!

Start11 includes an old style of the Windows Start menu.

Additional options with Start11

We have outlined the fundamental methods to alter your Start Menu in Windows 11; however, third-party applications can offer more flexibility. Start11 is particularly noteworthy, allowing you to relocate the Start Menu to the top of the screen or restore the classic Windows 10 Start Menu in Windows 11. Although this is a paid software priced at $6, if you seek extensive customization options, it may justify the cost.

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