Exploring Ways to Monitor Ink Levels in HP, Canon, Epson, or Brother Printers

A printer is ineffective without ink. If your cartridges begin to deplete, you will likely observe inconsistent print quality. Your printer and any devices connected to it should send you alerts about low ink levels. However, don’t fret: Assessing ink and toner cartridge levels is a straightforward procedure, and we have crafted this manual to assist you.



Time Required

5 minutes

Essential Tools

  • A printing machine

  • A mobile device or a personal computer

Our tutorial encompasses a detailed exploration of monitoring ink levels for HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother printers. Even if you do not possess a model from these specific brands, we believe our guidance can be applied to any printer brand you may own.

Monitoring ink levels on an HP printer

HP’s Instant Ink initiative automates ink refills. The printer tracks ink levels and endeavors to dispatch replacement ink prior to cartridge depletion. Therefore, you may not need to personally check ink levels if you are enrolled in this program.

Certain HP inkjet printers, such as the robust HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e and the cost-effective HP Envy Inspire 7955e, offer six months of complimentary ink. If you are not part of HP Instant Ink, the trial period has concluded, or you simply wish to confirm the levels before embarking on a substantial printing task, the mobile app serves as a convenient avenue for verification.

Launch the HP Smart mobile application. The printer model will be displayed at the top along with a bar graph depicting your ink levels on the right side. If you possess multiple HP printers, swipe horizontally to view other models.

A screenshot of the HP Smart app with an arrow highlighting ink levels.

Monitoring ink levels on a Canon printer

Canon’s Auto-Replenishment program dispatches fresh ink as soon as your printer detects low levels. To enroll in this service, you must register using a Windows or Mac computer.

The Canon Pixma TS202 earned the top spot on our list of superior printer deals. Priced below $50, Canon likely does not generate profits from the hardware, relying instead on ink sales, resulting in more frequent cartridge replacements. Conversely, printers like Canon’s Pixma TS302, another entry on our list of recommendations, can utilize high-capacity cartridges that offer extended longevity.

Irrespective of cartridge longevity, it is prudent to periodically examine your printer’s ink levels to gauge the rate of consumption. Utilizing the mobile app simplifies this task. If you have not yet installed the Canon Print app, download it from the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 1: Within the Canon Print app, designate the printer displayed at the bottom of the screen to access additional details.

A screenshot of the Canon Print app with ink levels highlighted.

Step 2: Subsequently, the ink levels will appear at the center of the following screen.

A screenshot of Canon Print app showcasing ink levels.

Monitoring ink levels on an Epson printer

Previously, Epson offered a subscription ink service known as ReadyInk, but new subscriptions are no longer accepted. However, if you own an Epson printer from the EcoTank series, you can still subscribe to a comparable service labeled ReadyPrint.

In printers like Epson’s EcoTank ET-2850, the ink can endure for well over a year, leading to occasional oversights in reordering. When replenishment is required, large bottles are utilized to refill tanks positioned at the front right. Notably, the ink levels can be observed through translucent panels.

If you possess an economical printer like the Expression Home XP-4200, close monitoring of ink levels is advisable, as petite cartridges deplete swiftly.

Step 1: To remain informed about ink levels while using an Epson printer, launch the Epson Smart Panel app and designate your printer at the top. Bar graphs will illustrate the remaining ink quantities for each color.

A screenshot of the Epson Smart Panel app with ink levels highlighted.

Step 2: For a clearer representation of remaining ink quantities, tap on the ink graph to view an enlarged version. The far-right green bar signifies the ink waste capture cartridge, which seldom requires replacement.

A screenshot of the Epson Smart Panel app showcasing an enlarged ink level display.

Monitoring ink levels on a Brother printer

Brother printers frequently earn accolades for their exceptional value and extended lifespan.

Similar to most inkjet manufacturers, Brother provides a subscription service designed to deliver ink before depletion occurs. The EZ Auto Reordering system dispatches additional ink as your printer approaches low levels.

For those who wish to verify remaining ink quantities, the mobile app facilitates remote monitoring.

Step 1: Launch Brother’s iPrint&Scan app and access the Supplies/Machine Settings tab to access comprehensive information.

A screenshot of the Brother iPrint&Scan app indicating the supplies icon.

Step 2: A graphical representation illustrating the remaining ink or toner levels will be presented.

A screenshot of the Brother iPrint&Scan app with the toner level highlighted.

Monitoring via Windows

Your printer may feature Windows software that allows you to view ink levels expeditiously. This approach is efficient, but for those averse to installing additional printer software on their computer, a universal method that supports most popular printers is available.

Step 1: Within Windows Settings, select* Bluetooth & devices* from the left sidebar. Opt for Printers & scanners on the right side and identify the printer you wish to inspect.

A screenshot of Windows Settings demonstrating how to access Printer options.

Step 2: Choose Device information in the More information section to unveil specific details about the printer. Click on the link labeled Webpage/ to launch the printer’s web interface.

A screenshot of Windows Settings illustrating how to access a printer's webpage.

Step 3: A login screen may appear. Enter your password if known. However, you can still access supply details even without providing a password. In the address bar, erase everything following the initial “/”, then press “enter.”

A screenshot illustrating how to bypass password entry to view basic information on a printer web interface.

Step 4: Ink levels for HP, Canon, Epson, or Brother printers will be exhibited consistently.

A screenshot displaying ink levels on a printer web interface home screen.

Monitoring via Mac

If you have previously installed a macOS app from the printer manufacturer, this may be a prompt method to ascertain remaining ink quantities. In the absence of such an app, ink levels can be verified within System Settings.

Step 1: Utilize the search feature at the top left to search for printer settings or select Printers & Scanners from the left sidebar by scrolling downwards.

A screenshot of Mac Settings illustrating how to access Printer options.

Step 2: Identify your printer from the list.

A screenshot of Mac Settings demonstrating how to access specific printer information.

Step 3: Select the Options & Supplies tab under Location.

A screenshot of Mac Settings showcasing printer ink supplies.

Step 4: A new window will appear featuring ink levels within the Supplies tab.

A screenshot of Mac Settings displaying a window detailing printer ink supplies.


If you encounter challenges verifying ink levels, the issue may arise when your printer is offline or in sleep mode. In such instances, power cycle the printer to awaken it for accessibility. Following this reboot, the printer should communicate the remaining ink supply details.

Attempt the Windows or Mac methodologies, resort to using a mobile app, or navigate the printer’s native menu system to monitor ink levels. The navigation methods may vary, but a section labeled status and supplies should be present, indicating the printer’s prevailing ink levels.

Evaluating ink levels is advisable, particularly before using premium paper or commencing a substantial print job. Depleted ink during a print job can lead to color inaccuracies and image or text discontinuities. Leveraging the mobile app or performing this assessment from a computer is a manageable task.

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