GPD’s Dual-Screen Laptop Impresses with Innovative Design

GPD dual-screen laptop in various setups.
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Renowned for its unconventional portable PCs and gaming consoles, GPD typically crafts devices labeled with terms like “mini,” “pocket,” or “micro.” However, its recent revelation comes as a surprise — a full-sized laptop. Dubbed the Duo, described as an “engineer’s productivity laptop,” this PC is far from ordinary. It can be flipped, folded, and boasts two 13.3-inch Samsung AMOLED screens.

The dual-screen configuration allows for folding with one screen facing outward for tablet-like usage or fully opening up to unveil the keyboard and merge both screens into an expansive 18-inch display.

Let’s demonstrate how the GPD DUO transforms.

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— GPD Game Consoles (@softwincn) May 31, 2024

The OLED displays also feature 10-point touch support and are compatible with the Surface Pen stylus, potentially appealing to artists alongside the engineers GPD targets. The details released hint at “versatile” ports, with at least eight ports visible in the image shared. However, the specifics remain unclear as GPD has yet to provide further information.

In contrast to other dual-screen laptops like the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i, the Duo integrates a full-sized keyboard into the device — akin to a standard laptop. This eliminates the need to choose between a virtual keyboard and carrying a physical one. Nevertheless, this setup restricts using the two screens simultaneously.

Information from the GPD Discord server indicates that the ultra-thin OLED displays weigh only half as much as the main unit, ensuring stability even when both screens are extended vertically. Referred to as an “AI PC” at one point, no official announcements have been made regarding the processor powering the device. However, GPD aims to match gaming laptop performance and offer battery life comparable to high-end ultrabooks, as per details from the Discord server.

While dual-screen laptops may seem unconventional to some, there is a demand for such devices. As more individuals opt for multi-screen setups at home, laptop displays can feel inadequate for work. If GPD can deliver on performance, battery life, and build quality with this product, it has the potential to attract a significant audience. Hopefully, additional details will be unveiled at Computex next week.

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