Mastering the Art of Adding a Signature in Apple Pages

Integrating a signature into your Apple Pages document is a top-notch method to cement your authorship. It also serves as a lovely personal touch if you intend to share your Pages file with others or export it to PDF. Fortunately, the process of creating and inserting a signature in Pages for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS is quite straightforward. To facilitate this, we have devised our own comprehensive guide to assist you in promptly adding Pages signatures!

Level of Difficulty


Time Required

5 minutes

Essential Tools

  • Mac, iPhone, or iPad

  • Apple Pages

Embed a visual representation of your signature

One of the easiest methods to include your signature in Pages is by utilizing an image. If you have a picture of your signature, you can insert it into your document with just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Access your document in Pages and position your cursor where you wish to place the image.

Step 2: Navigate to Media in the toolbar.

Step 3: Opt for one of the following choices:

  • Choose Photos if the image is in the Photos app. Then, select the desired picture to insert it into your document.
  • Select Choose if the image is located elsewhere on your device. Locate the image, choose it, and click Insert.
  • If the image is on your desktop or within an open folder, you can simply drag it directly into Pages.
Options such as Photos and Choose in the Media menu within Pages.

Step 4: Subsequently, the image of your signature will appear in your document.

You have the option to resize it by dragging a corner while preserving the aspect ratio. Alternatively, select the image and utilize the Format button in the toolbar to access the sidebar. Then, navigate to the Arrange tab and use the Size section in the side panel to adjust the dimensions.

Sidebar with Arrange settings for an image within Pages.

Include a screenshot from Preview

If you lack an image of your signature but have a signature saved in Preview or are willing to create one, you can capture a screenshot and add it to Pages.

Step 1: Open an image or PDF in Preview. Ensure that the file you open features a white background and ample space to insert your signature.

Step 2: Proceed to Markup in the toolbar and access the Sign drop-down menu.

Step 3: Choose your signature. Alternatively, you can opt to create a new one by selecting Create signature and following the provided instructions.

Various signatures displayed in the Sign drop-down menu within Preview.

Step 4: Upon the appearance of the signature in the document, you can resize it by dragging a corner if necessary.

Step 5: Proceed to File > Take screenshot and select From selection within the pop-out window. Alternatively, press Command + Shift + 4.

Selecting From Selection within the Take Screenshot options in Preview.

Step 6: When your cursor transforms into a crosshair symbol, outline the signature to capture it.

Capturing a screenshot of a signature in Preview.

Step 7: You will then possess an image of your signature, typically saved to your desktop by default unless you have adjusted the settings.

Subsequently, transfer the image from your desktop to the Pages document or use the alternative steps mentioned above to insert the picture.

Similarly, you have the option to resize the image or utilize the Format sidebar for adjustments.

Signature within Pages obtained from a Preview screenshot.

Authenticate and embed your signature from iPhone or iPad

If your connected iPhone or iPad is within reach, you can physically sign your name on the device and integrate it into Pages.

Step 1: Position your cursor in the document at the desired location for the signature.

Step 2: Opt for either Media in the toolbar or Insert > Insert from iPhone or iPad in the menu bar.

Step 3: Select Add sketch below the device of your choice.

Incorporating a sketch from iPhone or iPad within the Media menu in Pages.

Step 4: After the appearance of the sketch screen on your selected device, use the Pen tool to sign your name and press Done upon completion.

Sketch screen on iPad for capturing a signature.

Step 5: Your sketch will promptly manifest in your Pages document.

At this point, you can resize it as needed or utilize the Format sidebar to make adjustments to the dimensions or rotate the image as desired.

Remember to refer to instructions on converting Pages to PDF if the need arises to distribute your document in that format.

Sketch of a signature within Mac Pages obtained from iPad.

Integrate a signature into Pages on iPhone or iPad

If you are working on the Pages document via your iPhone or iPad, you can incorporate an image of your signature, capture it with your device’s camera, or utilize the drawing tool to compose the signature.

Step 1: Access your Pages document and position your cursor where the signature is to be inserted.

Step 2: On iPhone, tap the Plus icon at the top and choose the Media tab. On iPad, tap the Media button located at the top.

Step 3: Execute one of the following actions:

  • Choose Photo or video if the image is stored in the Photos app. Then, select the image to add it to the document.
  • Opt for Camera if you prefer capturing a photo of your signature directly from a physical location. Tap the Shutter button to capture the photo and select Use photo for insertion.
  • Select Drawing to directly sign your name on the device. Use the Pen tool to sign and tap Done to utilize the sketch.
Media menu in Pages on iPad.

Step 4: After the signature emerges in the document, you can resize it by dragging a corner.

You can also select the image, tap the Format icon, and use the features on the Arrange tab to adjust the size, placement, or orientation of the signature.

Format adjustments for an image within Pages on iPad.
Individual utilizing the Apple Pencil's hovering capability on an iPad running Final Cut Pro.

Utilizing the Apple Pencil

Another effective method for incorporating signatures, text, drawings, and other elements into your Pages document is through the use of an Apple Pencil. A particularly useful feature called Scribble is automatically activated when using Pages on an iPad. This tool transforms your handwriting into text that is seamlessly integrated into your Pages document.

The Apple Pencil is also invaluable for adding and modifying drawings and annotations within your Pages documents.

Is it possible to utilize my Mail app signature in Pages?

Apple provides the option to create a personalized signature for utilization within the Mail app on Mac, iPhones, and iPads. Regrettably, this specific signature is restricted to usage solely within the Mail app, unless your signature is in image format.

Integrating a signature into your Pages document on Mac, iPhone, or iPad is a straightforward process with the available media functionalities.

For additional guidance, explore instructions on how to determine the word count or add bullet points in Apple Pages.

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