Ways to Remove or Disable Slack Profile

Disabling your Slack profile is a smart approach to halt receiving notifications or reminders from a platform you no longer utilize — although you can opt to erase it for a more permanent fix. While Slack serves as an excellent tool for work and social interaction, if it no longer serves a purpose, there’s no harm in moving on to something else.

Discover here how to promptly and effortlessly disable (or remove) your Slack profile in a few simple steps.



Time Needed

15 minutes

There are various reasons to discontinue utilizing Slack, however, if you’re encountering common issues with Slack, attempting to troubleshoot might be a good first step. Interested in deleting specific Slack messages? We have a guide for that as well.

How to disable a Slack profile

Ensure you have your Slack login details on hand before proceeding. You can log in via the web app or the desktop application — these instructions are suitable for both.

Stage 1: Locate your Profile image in the top right corner of your Slack interface and click on it.

Stage 2: From the dropdown menu, click on Profile.

Clicking on Profile in Slack.

Stage 3: Click on the Three-dot icon under your profile, known as the More option.

Stage 4: Select Account settings.

Selecting Account Settings in Slack.

Stage 5: You will be directed to a new page with various account details. Scroll down until you find the option to Deactivate your profile. Click on it.

You will notice that Slack provides essential recommendations, such as the option to contact the administrator of this specific Slack workspace and request the complete removal of your profile information through official channels. If you wish to completely eliminate your presence from this Slack platform, this additional step is advisable once you’re done (further implications of deleting your profile below).

Choose Deactivate Your Account in Slack.

Stage 6: Confirm your decision to delete your profile. Re-enter your login and password to finalize the process. At this point, your profile will be promptly deactivated.

Select Yes, Deactivate My Account.

Important details regarding deactivating a Slack profile

  • If you are simply switching to a new email address, there is no need to completely delete your Slack profile. You can effortlessly update your current email used in Slack without losing any data. Similarly, you can modify your username anytime.

  • Disabling your profile in this manner will solely remove it from the specific Slack workspace. Your other Slack profiles, if any, will remain unaffected; it will not impact them. If you aim to remove yourself entirely from Slack, each instance must be handled individually.

  • The reason for referring to it as “deactivating” rather than deleting is that your messages and files will remain within the Slack workspace. An administrator of that workspace can reinstate your profile — for instance, if you return for another project in the future. However, if you wish to erase your messages, here is how to clear your Slack chat history.

  • Slack integrates with various applications. If you have integrated apps with Slack and subsequently disable all your Slack profiles, those apps may cease to function, or at least not as seamlessly. Prepare to log in differently or consult a Workspace Administrator regarding specific permissions regarding apps you still require.

  • If you are the Primary Owner of a workspace, you cannot disable your profile in this manner. A workspace necessitates a Primary Owner for its operation. You must transfer Primary Ownership to another profile or shut down the Slack workspace entirely.

Contemplating whether sticking with Slack is worthwhile? It is prudent to explore alternative options. Refer to our comparison guide on Slack versus Microsoft Teams for further insights.

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