About us

Our Purpose

Our endeavor is to shepherd our audience through the ever-evolving labyrinth of the digital realm by infusing technology with a human touch and sieving out the cacophony.


First Impersonator the preeminent autonomous purveyor of top-tier technology content globally, stands as a lauded multimedia entity that steers consumers towards the finest products and services available presently, whilst uncovering the avant-garde innovations poised to sculpt their future. Boasting an excess of 2 million adherents across various social platforms and our brand engages with in excess of 10 million individuals monthly.

We delve into technology as it intertwines with your existence: beyond mere gadgets, we explore the capabilities they unlock in your life, the narratives of the innovators behind them, and the manner in which they metamorphose the world beyond your immediate vista. First Impersonator sifts through the deluge of devices and groundbreaking advancements enveloping us, employing a human-centric approach that transcends mere specifications, hyperbole, and marketing spiel. The relentless pace of innovation fosters a discourse that is consistently engrossing, entertaining, and thought-provoking. We understand your constraints; hence, we endeavor to facilitate your journey to expertise.

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