Could Helldivers 2 be making its way to Xbox?

A warrior in shadow in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 proved to be an instant sensation for Arrowhead Game Studios, captivating players since its launch in February of this year. Diverging from the original top-down perspective, this collaborative third-person shooter surprised everyone with its blend of humor, excitement, and difficulty. Collaboration is key to overcoming swarms of creatures, with the added twist that one misstep from a player can derail the entire mission in a comical manner. It’s a riot of an experience, which is easily understood by its popularity.

However, Xbox players have been left out of the excitement, as the game is exclusive to PlayStation 5 and PC platforms. Given that many games have timed exclusivity deals, you might be curious if the same applies to Helldivers 2, and we have the answer below.

Is there a possibility for Helldivers 2 to be available on Xbox?

It is highly improbable that Helldivers 2 will be accessible on Xbox consoles. The main reason for this lies in the fact that Sony Computer Entertainment, a direct rival of Microsoft, serves as the publisher for Helldivers 2. Sony is renowned for safeguarding its intellectual properties and brands, typically opting to keep its published games exclusive to its own consoles.

At present, there have been no indications of Sony changing this stance, although the industry is constantly evolving, leaving room for unexpected developments. Nevertheless, it would be unwise to anticipate Helldivers 2 appearing on other platforms. Consequently, if you wish to engage in bug-squashing adventures with friends, the only options are to play on PS5 or PC.

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