Following The Thousand-Year Door Remake, It’s Finally the Era of Paper Luigi

Illustration of Paper Luigi with outstretched hands.

Following years of advocacy from enthusiasts, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door has made a comeback, now even more impressive than before. The recent Nintendo Switch remake of this GameCube gem is reintroducing gamers to one of Nintendo’s finest creations. The RPG remains vibrant and charming, thanks to its diverse array of characters and witty dialogue that remains relevant two decades later. With the campaign to revive this adventure successful, it is now time for fans to unite behind a new initiative — and I have just the right one in mind.

The moment has arrived for Paper Luigi.

I am not proposing a Luigi spinoff merely to keep Mario’s sibling occupied. The groundwork for a fantastic Luigi RPG was actually laid by The Thousand-Year Door, thanks to an ongoing hilarious joke woven throughout the journey. This joke is revisited in the remake and is as amusing as ever. With more attention on Luigi’s comedic escapades than ever before, the timing is perfect to seize this opportunity.

Early in Mario’s quest, Luigi starts making appearances in Rogueport. Upon their first conversation, he embarks on narrating his own adventures while Mario is busy seeking the Crystal Stars. He spins a lengthy, absurd tale about his pursuit of the “Marvelous Compass.” As Mario’s journey progresses, Luigi gradually unveils his own narrative, involving a journey to the Waffle Kingdom to rescue Princess Eclair.

Luigi handing Mario a letter in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

The Marvelous Compass saga stands out as the most comical moment in The Thousand-Year Door. Luigi’s story becomes increasingly ludicrous with each installment, and his storytelling skills are truly lacking. He delves into lengthy, mundane details to the extent that Mario and his companions start dozing off during each chapter. One is left to ponder whether any of these events truly occurred or if Luigi is simply striving too hard to impress his brother with a tall tale.

While the story may be questionable, it lays a fertile foundation for a genuine Paper Luigi spinoff. The narrative elements are already in place due to Luigi’s exhaustive retelling, with the villains and plot twists established. We are even acquainted with Luigi’s potential companions, who make appearances in Rogueport. I am eager to learn more about Jerry the Bob-omb and Blooey, a Blooper affectionately dubbed “White Torpedo.”

What particularly captivates me about a complete Marvelous Compass game is its potential for humor. Luigi serves as an unreliable narrator in The Thousand-Year Door, which could lead to a delightful dynamic in his solo adventure. I envision him accomplishing improbable heroic feats in absurdly grand battles that appear utterly ludicrous. The meticulous nature of his storytelling could offer excellent comedic opportunities, challenging players with excessively meticulous tasks.

All of this would present a delightful paradox for Nintendo. It would enable the company to maintain Luigi’s characterization as a bumbling yet endearing goofball while affording him a grand solo quest that portrays him as a hero. While he has had a few such moments in the Luigi’s Mansion series, he truly deserves to rescue Princess Eclair (even if the quest does not culminate in romance).

For now, we must content ourselves with fan creations. Numerous projects by devoted Paper Mario enthusiasts are dedicated to adapting Luigi’s escapades, ranging from comic interpretations to complete fan-made games. These endeavors suffice for the time being, but I hold out hope that the community can unite to bring this vision to fruition one day. If Nintendo could be persuaded to remake The Thousand-Year Door, then anything is possible.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is currently accessible on Nintendo Switch.

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