Top Picks: Premier PS5 Controllers of 2024

The DualSense wireless controller included with your PlayStation 5 is not an inferior gaming device by any means. However, it may not fully meet the needs of players seeking more advanced control options.

Sony has recognized certain limitations with the release of the new DualSense Edge, as well as the upcoming project Leonardo aimed at gamers with disabilities. Nevertheless, there are third-party alternatives available that can cater to your requirements just as effectively.

Important note: Sony enforces strict compatibility standards for the PS5 controller. This means that an official third-party PS4 controller will function with the PS4 games you play on your PS5 console. Sony has confirmed that peripherals like fighting sticks and other accessories will also be supported. However, brand-new PS5 games are typically not compatible with PS4 controllers.

The Scuf Reflex Pro controller.

Scuf Reflex FPS

Enthusiasts of Scuf won’t be surprised that the controller brand was the first to introduce an official third-party PS5 controller with all the features, making it a highly suitable alternative to Sony’s DualSense – especially for those desiring additional functionalities.

The core design of the controller is exceptional, featuring adaptive triggers, a performance coating for enhanced grip, textured thumbsticks for accuracy, and an overall robust design expected from an established company like Scuf. However, the controller goes beyond these basics: It also offers extras such as interchangeable thumbsticks and four detachable, customizable rear paddle buttons that you can configure according to your preferences. Given that different games may require distinct configurations, the controller allows you to save and switch between three profile settings effortlessly.

The Reflex FPS is available in various colors designed to complement the colors of the PS5, ensuring your controllers match seamlessly if you plan ahead!

A DualSense Edge sits in a case.

DualSense Edge

For the first time, Sony offers its own official “pro”-style controller for its console. The DualSense Edge represents a significant upgrade from the standard controller in almost every aspect, featuring customizable components, back paddles, and the ability to set control scheme profiles. However, the controller falls short in terms of battery life compared to the base controller, as well as its high price tag of $200. While it is indeed a premium controller, this cost may outweigh the benefits for some users.

The HexGaming Rival Customized DualSense Controller 2.

Hexgaming Hex Ultimate

HexGaming takes a basic DualSense PS5 controller and transforms it into an esports-ready professional controller that excels in nearly every aspect. The rear button paddles feature remapping software, allowing you to adjust them on the fly for each game and program them with any desired button activation. The top shoulder and trigger buttons have been redesigned with a slimmer profile for quicker activation, potentially aiding gamers in improving their reaction times. Additionally, the controller includes “six-in-one” thumbsticks that enable you to adjust the height, select a more comfortable thumbstick grip (preventing slippage), and more.

HexGaming offers a wide range of themes so you can choose a visual design that suits your preferences without compromising on quality. While the Ultimate controller is considerably pricier than the original DualSense, the features it offers justify the cost, making it undeniably one of the finest PS5 controllers available.

Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3

Nacon’s controller prioritizes thumbstick customization. The sticks are highly adaptable, allowing you to adjust the amplitude to suit the specific game you are playing, along with interchangeable heads to achieve the desired feel. You can map buttons to specific actions and create multiple profiles for seamless switching as required. The controller supports both wired and wireless connections, catering to your preferred mode of connectivity for optimal reliability. With a comfortable and high-quality design, it is an excellent choice for extended gaming sessions on the PS5 console.

Front and back view of the Scuf Impact controller.

Scuf Impact

Scuf’s Impact controller features a more traditional shape and offers a plethora of customization options to achieve the perfect setup. In addition to the customizable controller faceplate, you receive four detachable paddles for extra button mapping, electro-magnetic remapping options for easy adjustments, adjustable hair-trigger, quick shift trigger stops, and interchangeable thumbsticks to find the ideal configuration. It is an ideal choice for those who appreciate extensive personalization and fine-tuning of their controller setup, supporting both wired and wireless modes.

Front view of Aim Controller and different customization options.

AIM PS5 Controller

Aim offers a unique approach to customizing the PS5 DualSense controller: Their system enables you to select each part of the controller and specify a distinct appearance, down to the thumbsticks and touchpad color. Each option provides a variety of primary colors to choose from, allowing gamers to experiment until they replicate their preferred theme or mimic the color scheme of any character in media.

Aside from the customization aspect, the affordability of this approach is a significant advantage since the changes are purely visual. However, unlike the HexGaming optimization, the Aim Controller does not alter the performance of the DualSense. While the official DualSense controller is excellent, the customization options offered by Aim make it one of the top PS5 controllers available. Moreover, it remains fully compatible with a standard PS5 charging station.

Victrix Pro BFG

If you seek a reliable controller that can endure long gaming sessions both in the short term and over the years, the Victrix Pro BFG is a solid choice. In the immediate sense, it foregoes the battery-draining DualSense haptic features that many players disable anyway, offering a significantly longer 20-hour battery life. With interchangeable sticks and D-pad, you can replace individual components if needed, eliminating the need to replace the entire controller in case of damage. Featuring back paddles and adjustable triggers, it is arguably the best option for the average gamer.

Backbone One

For enthusiasts of game streaming, particularly utilizing the PS5’s remote play feature, the Backbone One is indispensable. This device seamlessly connects to your iPhone, effectively transforming it into a handheld console. The button and stick layouts mirror those on the PS5, ensuring comfort and preventing the need to obstruct the screen with touch controls. Operating solely on your phone’s battery, it guarantees uninterrupted gameplay and includes its own audio jack for headphones. The only drawback is that Android users are unable to partake in this experience.

Thrustmaster T248 gaming wheel.

Thrustmaster T248, Racing Wheel and Magnetic Pedals Brand: THRUSTMASTER

For avid fans of racing games, nothing compares to a realistic wheel and pedal set for an immersive experience, and the Thrustmaster T248 stands out as one of the premier models available. Featuring leather wrapping for a luxurious grip and a built-in screen offering over 20 display options based on your data preferences, this wheel boasts 25 programmable action buttons, including dual-position encoders. With three preset modes for adjusting the advanced force feedback level, along with an exceptional magnetic pedal set featuring four spring configurations for the brake pedal alone, this Thrustmaster ensures a stylish and unparalleled racing experience!

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