Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Justify Their Value?

The Airper Seagull SE automated pool cleaner at the base of a swimming pool.

The most challenging aspect of owning a swimming pool is its maintenance. From filter upkeep and skimming surface debris to handling chemicals and more, you’ll likely find yourself spending more time around the water than actually in it. Robotic pool cleaners aim to ease this burden of pool ownership by giving you back your time and automating the majority of your tasks.

However, are robotic pool cleaners a worthwhile investment, or are they merely a novelty that still demands significant manual intervention? Here’s an in-depth examination to assist you in determining if adding one to your backyard would be beneficial.

Economical devices can often be troublesome

Father and daughter next to Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 automated pool vacuum with manual.

Before delving further, it’s important to note that robotic pool cleaners come in a range of price points. Some are available for a few hundred dollars, while others exceed $1,000 in cost. Unfortunately, most budget-friendly robotic pool cleaners may not be a prudent choice. These models often lack the automation of pricier robots, leading to inconsistent cleaning, premature component failures, or extended cleaning times. Some may only clean the pool bottom, leaving the sides for manual cleaning, making them less appealing than premium models that offer comprehensive cleaning. It’s essential to carefully review the specifications of your potential product, as the capabilities of one pool cleaner can differ significantly from another.

Take your schedule into account

A floating Beatbot robot gathering debris from the pool edges.

The primary allure of robotic pool cleaners is that they free up your summer schedule. However, if you reside in a climate where your pool stays clean with minimal effort a few minutes per week, investing in a robot may not be necessary. Yet, many pool owners dedicate hours to maintaining their water quality — if you fall into this category, robotic pool cleaners can prove to be worthwhile.

These robots not only save you time but could also save you money. A robotic pool cleaner can often replace expensive and inconvenient professional pool cleaning services. Most individuals will discover that a dependable robot vacuum will pay for itself over time, especially if it comes with a multi-year warranty.

Robotic pool cleaners are not entirely automated

Beatbot AquaSense Pro being lifted out of the pool

Although robotic pool cleaners may seem fully self-sufficient, they still require some manual intervention. For instance, many need to be connected to a power source and removed from the pool after cleaning, while others may require recharging between cleaning sessions. Regardless of the model you choose, there’s a possibility you’ll need to clear filters or remove debris from wheels and motors. These tasks are minor compared to a complete pool cleaning, but it’s crucial to understand that you can’t simply drop a robotic pool cleaner in the water and forget about it for the entire summer.

Investing in robotic pool cleaners is worthwhile

Assuming you purchase a reliable model equipped with advanced features, robotic pool cleaners are a valuable investment. Our selection of the finest robotic pool cleaners is an excellent starting point for your search, featuring highly automated models that handle most tasks with minimal user intervention. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus stands out, capable of cleaning floors and walls, with an easily accessible top-loading filter for quick maintenance. It can clean most pools in under two hours, allowing you to prepare the water in the morning for an afternoon gathering.

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