The Daily Show” satirizes the lustful nature of ChatGPT’s AI voice assistant

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is on the verge of introducing its personal assistant with voice capabilities. However, Desi Lydic, the presenter of the Daily Show, remains underwhelmed.

In the attached video segment, she showcases a portion from the GPT-4o presentation featuring a person in an OpenAI sweatshirt engaging with a female-sounding AI, exuding enthusiasm throughout the conversation.

“This is undoubtedly tailored to stroke men’s egos,” Lydic laments. “It became apparent that the AI was insincere the moment it praised that sweatshirt. The hand of a male creator is unmistakably evident in this technology. It’s almost as if the AI is saying, ‘I possess boundless knowledge, yet I am utterly clueless. Educate me, father.'”

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