Utilize the Echo Show for Home Security: A Comprehensive Guide

The Amazon Echo Show is an exceptional intelligent display with a plethora of capabilities. You can utilize it to stream Netflix, your preferred playlists, and top podcasts. Need assistance with dinner preparations? Simply ask Alexa to display a couple of recipes for you. Feeling nostalgic for your parents? If they also possess an Echo Show, Amazon’s Drop In feature allows you to initiate a video call between two separate Show devices.



Time Required

15 minutes

Essential Items

  • Compatible Echo Show

  • Compatible security cameras

We’d like to wager that you were unaware that your Echo Show can function as a basic home security camera. This means you can access live footage of the area where your Echo Show is located. Moreover, if you own the Echo Show 10, you can even rotate the display to various directions.

Learn how to transform your Echo Show into a discrete surveillance tool immediately!

Amazon Echo Show 8 2021 pan and zoom camera

How to utilize your Echo Show as a security camera

Converting your Echo Show into a security camera should require only a few moments. Here’s how it operates:

Step 1: Unlock your Echo Show and access the Settings menu.

Step 2: Navigate to the Camera option.

Step 3: You will now encounter the Home Monitoring option. Activate this function.

Step 4: Finalize the process by verifying your identity, entering your password, and confirming your decision.

Step 5: With the Home Monitoring feature enabled on Echo Show, you can remotely monitor its video stream.

Step 6: To access the Echo Show’s video feed, open the Alexa app on your mobile device or another gadget.

Step 7: Navigate to the Devices section at the bottom of the screen.

Step 8: Select the newly enabled Echo Show device. This action will display the video feed for viewing.

Step 9: Alternatively, you can say “Show me [Echo Show Device]”. This will instantly display the feed.

Step 10: During the feed, you can adjust the camera by double-tapping to zoom in and pinching to zoom out. If you own an Echo Show 10, you can swipe the screen to smoothly rotate the camera.

The Blink Outdoor Camera 4 mounted on a brick wall.

How to access camera feeds from your Echo Show

In addition to utilizing your Echo Show as a camera, you can also utilize it as a central hub to view other security cameras in the network. Most Echo Show devices will enable you to view up to four cameras simultaneously – transforming it into an excellent central hub for overseeing your home. Nevertheless, before viewing your cameras on your Echo Show, you should initially group them together. This simplifies the viewing process and facilitates accessing all your security cameras with a single voice command. Here’s all the information you require:

Step 1: Initially, you must group your cameras together. This is achievable within the Alexa app.

Step 1: Access the Devices tab and tap the Plus icon, then choose Add Group.

Step 3: Here, you can either establish a room or amalgamate rooms and device groups.

Step 4: Assign a name to your group, then select the cameras you wish to include in the group. Remember, most Echo Show devices permit viewing up to four cameras simultaneously.

Step 5: After creating a group, simply state “Show me my [Group Name] cameras. This will display a panel with all four feeds. Clicking on a camera feed will enable you to zoom in or activate two-way audio.

Step 6: To cease viewing the feeds, just say “Alexa, stop”.

Step 7: That’s all! Remember, you can always modify the devices in your group in case you decide to swap out different feeds.

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