Digitine: The Freshly Scrapped Innovation

Digital Guillotine for HaleyyBaylee by ladyfromtheoutside

ladyfromtheoutside determined that HaleyyBaylee should face the digitine.Credit: Screenshot TikTok / ladyfromtheoutside / HaleyyBaylee

Activists often refer to a concept known as “dollar voting.” Anna Lappé, a proponent of sustainable food, explains it as, “every expenditure is a vote for the type of world you desire.” Essentially, our spending choices dictate where our money goes, with significant repercussions.

In the realm of digital platforms and the attention economy they foster, we invest considerable time online, indirectly contributing to the profits of others. Every view on a TikTok clip, follow on Instagram, or like on any platform can enhance someone’s financial standing. In essence, we compensate content creators and influencers through our engagement, leading to a rising movement to retract our support when creators fail to advocate for our values. This movement is termed the digitine.

On May 8, @ladyfromtheoutside, a TikTok personality with over 56,000 followers, introduced this term in a video.

“It’s time for individuals to execute what I refer to as a ‘digital guillotine.’ A digitine, if you will,” @ladyfromtheoutside proclaimed. “It’s time to unfollow all celebrities, influencers, and affluent figures who neglect to utilize their platforms for aiding those in need. We bestowed upon them their platforms. It’s now time to reclaim them, withdrawing our views, likes, comments, and financial support by unfollowing them across all social and digital platforms.”

She singled out @HaleyyBaylee, or Haley Kalil, as the first target for digitine, for her utilization of Kirsten Dunst’s audio as Marie Antoinette saying “let them eat cake” at the MET Gala. The infamous phrase “let them eat cake” allegedly stems from the 1700s, attributed to the French queen upon learning of her starving subjects’ lack of bread. Kalil has since removed the video and issued an apology.

In the video advocating for a guillotine, @ladyfromtheoutside reads from a fictitious scroll: “@HaleyyBaylee, for your uninformed choice to attend the $75,000 MET Gala and recite ‘let them eat cake’ while neglecting to utilize your 10 million follower platform as people suffer, we condemn you to the digitine.”

She displays a clip of her unfollowing Kalil and declares, “vive la révolution.”

Comments on @ladyfromtheoutside’s video are disabled, and she has not posted any content since. However, there have been numerous manual reposts and responses. Many individuals support the initiative to actively protest creators who do not align with their political or moral beliefs, akin to how some individuals avoid Chick-Fil-A due to its anti-LGBTQ stances. Conversely, some, including several commenters on this TikTok post, argue against expecting online creators to serve as moral guides.

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