Tinashe’s Hit ‘Nasty’ Becomes the Season’s Viral Sensation

Tinashe captivates at Coachella, donned in a pristine ensemble and sporting a cap.

The melodies possess endurance.
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In their latest anthem “Nasty,” Tinashe profoundly inquires, “Will someone equal my eccentricity?”

This profound inquiry has now evolved into a viral sensation. Allow us to elucidate.

Unveiled in April as the vanguard track of her anticipated album BB/Ang3l Pt. 2 — Quantum Baby, these verses initially seized X / Twitter’s gaze in early May, credited to an unconventional dancer’s rhythmic prowess.

A clip shared by an X enthusiast showcases Nate — known on TikTok as @nates.vibes — masterfully swaying his hips, nibbling his digit, and protruding his tongue. His unconventional style juxtaposed with his scholarly look has rendered the footage a meme treasure. Originally set to “Bind” by Hey Choppi in its February 2023 TikTok debut, the infectious X rendition features “Nasty,” amassing over 10 million views on X.

The clip’s widespread circulation prompted netizens to ponder over the track’s central query.

A spectator mused, “‘Will someone equal my eccentricity?’ might just be the defining quandary of our era.” Another shared a visual of Carrie Bradshaw in contemplation, with the inscription, “and I found myself pondering… will someone equal my eccentricity?”

The question swiftly incited a trend of engagement bait. An inquisitor posed, “Identify two individuals who truly paralleled each other’s quirks?” The ensuing responses spanned from the animated companionship of Shrek’s Donkey and Dragon to the dynamic duo of Lena Dunham and Andrew Rannells, to the inseparable pair of Pen15’s Maya and Anna.

In the natural progression of internet trends, the tune intertwined with the Challengers craze. It emerged as the quintessential backdrop for the edits featuring the delightfully vile Patrick Zweig (Josh O’Connor), now a staple in numerous Challengers montages.

The temporary absence of Universal Music Group’s repertoire from TikTok — now reinstated — led to a scarcity of viral melodies. Occasionally, it seemed our sole anthem was Djo’s “End of Beginnings.”

Yet, the hiatus has ceased, with a deluge of hits descending upon us. In the last month alone, not one, but three tracks have transcended from mere popularity to iconic meme status.

Indeed, we have returned.

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