Exciting AI Enhancement Coming Soon to Google Photos

Google's New Conversational Search in Photos

During today’s Google I/O 2024 keynote, the company revealed the upcoming introduction of a fresh artificial intelligence (AI) capability to Google Photos. The innovative “Ask Photos” feature is a new addition to the widely-used service, which currently witnesses more than 6 billion images and videos being uploaded daily.

Through the “Ask Photos” function, users will soon be able to explore their photo collection using a conversational approach rather than relying solely on keywords. For instance, Google illustrated that individuals can inquire about their vehicle’s license plate number or request images of their child swimming across different time periods by posing questions like “Can you remind me of my license plate?” or “When did my daughter start swimming?”

Furthermore, users can delve deeper by asking, “Display the progression of (my daughter’s) swimming skills.” In response to this query, Google utilizes date and context to showcase relevant results.

With this latest addition to Google Photos, searching within the platform is poised to become more user-friendly than ever. As a result, reminiscing about cherished moments becomes a simpler and more enjoyable experience.

The Ask Photos feature is set to be rolled out on Google Photos later this summer.

Evan Brooks

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