Exploring the Latest on the Samsung Galaxy Ring: Updates, Speculations on Cost, Launch Details, and Additional Information

Three dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, placed on a white showcase.

The smart ring market has been dominated by the Oura Ring so far, but that is about to change with the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy Ring. The ring was hinted at during Samsung’s Unpacked event in January and reiterated at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February.

The Galaxy Ring is projected to arrive with various health sensors to help monitor physical fitness and daily activities — all with the support of Samsung Health. It’s among the most anticipated launches of the year, and this is all the information we have so far.

The Debut of Samsung Galaxy Ring

Chairman of Samsung Mobile, TM Roh, presenting at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked in January 2024.

Samsung has not officially disclosed a launch date for the Galaxy Ring. Nevertheless, speculations suggest it might be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 smartphones. If Samsung sticks to its previous release timelines, these products should be unveiled this summer, either in late July or early August.

However, the Paris Olympics are set to commence on July 26, offering companies a two-week window of prime TV advertisement. This hints that Samsung may reveal and launch its new products earlier to leverage this opportunity.

Pricing of Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Oura Ring worn on a man's finger while holding the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The pricing for the Galaxy Ring has not leaked yet. Nevertheless, the least costly Oura Ring is presently available at Best Buy and Amazon for $299. Other smart rings, like the Ultrahuman Ring Air and RingConn Smart Ring, share similar prices — $349 and $279, respectively.

Anticipate the Galaxy Ring to be around $300, potentially a bit lower, to compete favorably with the Oura. The Galaxy Ring could even outdo the Oura Ring by avoiding any associated subscription fees. Remember, the Oura Ring requires a $6 monthly subscription. Currently, Samsung’s Galaxy Watches do not involve any subscriptions, and we expect the same for the Galaxy Ring.

Design Features of Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring positioned horizontally.

Considerably more details concerning the Galaxy Ring’s design are available since some samples were showcased at MWC. Foresee Samsung offering models in at least three shades: black, silver, and gold, each featuring a glossy, reflective sheen. Earlier leaks suggested Samsung would offer the ring in sizes 5 through 13.

Joe Maring, editor at Digital Trends, expressed hope for additional designs for the Galaxy Ring, including variants in alternative finishes and hues. He also highlighted the absence of an external indicator on the ring to assist users in wearing it correctly. At MWC, it was not evident whether the Galaxy Ring possessed this feature.

Health Monitoring Features of Samsung Galaxy Ring

Various display stands of the Samsung Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024.

According to the latest reports, the forthcoming Galaxy Ring is set to offer numerous features to enhance users’ health and well-being. A new Samsung patent, discovered by Wareable, implies that Samsung is looking to employ a generative AI system for continuous monitoring of heart rate data and signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib). Presently, most smartwatches collect this heart rate data through electrocardiogram scans (ECG), though it’s not continuous monitoring as the user must initiate the scan.

This is expected to change with Samsung’s new patent aiming to “convert PPG signals to corresponding ECG waveforms.” Essentially, Samsung will apply AI to translate continuous data it already captures into ECG data. This feature may extend not only to the Galaxy Ring but also to previous wearables with ECG capability, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3.

Among the other expected features is the “My Vitality Score,” which is predicted to offer users a comprehensive overview of their overall health based on key health metrics like sleep, activity, heart rate, and heart rate variability (HRV). This rating resembles Oura’s popular “Readiness” score, commended for its accuracy and assistance.

Details of sleep tracking on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6.
Sleep tracking data on a Galaxy Watch 6

In addition to the My Vitality Score, the Galaxy Ring is anticipated to provide insights on sleep tracking to aid users in understanding the quality and duration of their nightly rest. This feature is expected to benefit individuals dealing with sleep difficulties or aiming to enhance their sleep routines for better health.

Another compelling feature of the Galaxy Ring is cycle tracking, facilitated by Samsung’s collaboration with Natural Cycles. This capability allows users to monitor their menstrual cycles and fertility, helping them gain better insights into their bodies and plan accordingly.

All these aspects align with our expectations for a smart ring in 2024. It’s feasible that Samsung might introduce more health and wellness features, but based on current information, it seems like all the fundamental attributes are covered.

Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Ring

A sneak peek of the Samsung Galaxy Ring from Unpacked 2024.

Samsung has hinted at an impressive battery life for the Galaxy Ring. Larger variants are anticipated to offer an extended battery life, a noteworhy expectation considering the remarkable battery performance of the Oura Ring.

In late February, Samsung confirmed in an interview that the Galaxy Ring is expected to last between five and nine days on a single charge. In simple terms, that’s remarkable. For instance, the Oura Ring can endure up to four days without requiring recharging. If Samsung achieves over a week of battery life with the Galaxy Ring, it’s indeed impressive.

Key Feature of Samsung Galaxy Ring

Multiple Samsung Galaxy Rings showcased at MWC 2024.

No distinct feature that sets the Galaxy Ring apart from other devices on the market has been revealed yet. We anticipate Samsung to introduce something innovative and singular to differentiate it, particularly as the smart ring market becomes more saturated. With rumors of the new Oura Ring potentially offering features like measurements for cardiovascular age and cardio capacity, Samsung needs to step up the game.

Samsung can accomplish this in various ways. The claims regarding its battery life are worth noting. Additionally, Samsung has an opportunity to position the Galaxy Ring as a more affordable smart ring choice, whether through a lower retail price and/or avoiding any subscription requirements.

In the coming weeks and months, more details about the Galaxy Ring are anticipated, so keep an eye out.

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