I Experimented with the Essential Add-On for Your Smart Ring

An individual placing an OSleeve cover in a pouch.

Intelligent rings represent a significant investment and are deserving of protection on your finger. With the imminent release of the Galaxy Ring by Samsung, their first smart ring, the realm of smart jewelry is poised to attract unprecedented attention, leading more individuals to seek ways to safeguard their valuable accessories.

I’ve been experimenting with the OSleeve, a shield designed for the Oura Ring, offering valuable insights into what could potentially emerge as the premier accessory for smart rings later this year.

Why Shield Your Smart Ring?

The OSleeve cover featuring a pouch and two Oura Rings.

The OSleeve fulfills a crucial role that novice smart ring wearers might overlook initially. Engaging in activities like weightlifting, handling delicate surfaces, or coming into contact with abrasive or hard materials during work or leisure will inevitably result in minor scratches and scuffs on your smart ring’s surface, regardless of its durability. Encasing it in a protective cover preserves its pristine appearance.

I received two distinct OSleeve covers for trial: one in Arctic White and the other in a transparent Luxe Clear finish. Delivered in a compact white pouch for safekeeping, each cover is crafted from soft, pliable silicone with a grippy texture that envelops the outer surface and edges of your smart ring, leaving the underside exposed to ensure the sensors remain unobstructed.

Two OSleeve covers with a pouch and two Oura Rings.

The Luxe Clear variant features a subtle OSleeve logo, while the Arctic White version is devoid of any embellishments. They are easily stretched over the Oura Ring, and although centering them precisely initially proves challenging, they naturally adjust over time. Once in place, they act as a protective barrier between the Oura Ring and any surfaces it encounters, whether it be a weightlifting bar, a rocky terrain, or a car’s paint.

Is it Comfortable?

An individual sporting an OSleeve cover on an Oura Ring.

Initially, the OSleeve cover may appear bulky, sparking concerns about discomfort while wearing the Oura Ring. It does add a few millimeters to the ring’s width, noticeable between your fingers during initial wear. However, if you are accustomed to wearing the Oura Ring and the sensation of a smart ring on your finger, this feeling dissipates after a brief adjustment period.

While the cover offers excellent grip, the slight stickiness can be distracting during prolonged wear. I noticed it tugging during routine tasks, especially if the smart ring fits loosely, causing it to shift more than usual. Although the enhanced grip may be advantageous in certain situations, it can lead to increased movement on your finger and a tackier feel, particularly after exposure to moisture. This was more pronounced with the transparent version, noticeable only with continuous wear, which may not be the ideal usage scenario for the OSleeve.

An individual wearing an OSleeve cover on an Oura Ring.

While the sleeves are well-crafted, their aesthetic appeal is modest despite being available in various colors. They are not intended to enhance or alter the style of the Oura Ring, akin to phone cases. Instead, utilizing the OSleeve to shield the smart ring when necessary appears to be the prudent choice. It ensures protection when needed, effectively covering the surface, while allowing the ring to be admired in its unadorned state at other times.

Exclusive to Oura?

Although I’ve been using the OSleeve with an Oura Ring, its compatibility with other smart rings and future products raises questions. Rachel Kelly, co-founder and head of product at OSleeve, shared insights with Digital Trends regarding the company’s future endeavors.

“The OSleeve has been meticulously engineered to fit the Oura ring and is also compatible with Ultrahuman smart rings,” she conveyed via email. “We are in the process of verifying and refining the fit for the Muse RingOne and other devices as we progress. The Samsung Galaxy Ring holds significant importance in the market, and we are in discussions with Samsung to explore potential collaborations.”

OSleeve’s ambitions extend beyond tailored solutions for different rings, as Kelly elaborated:

“While the OSleeve may seem like a simple protector, extensive engineering efforts have been invested to ensure optimal fit. We are continuously exploring innovative materials and textile science to enhance durability, with new variations slated for release later this year. Our exciting product development roadmap aims to innovate alongside the launch of new smart ring products and evolving community needs. A supportive community enables us to reinvest in innovation, crafting more delightful products.”

What’s the Price?

An individual wearing an OSleeve cover on an Oura Ring.

How much does this slim, lightweight circular silicone accessory cost? It comes at a premium. Each OSleeve is priced at $35, comparable to the cost of an average smartphone case, irrespective of the chosen color. Selecting the appropriate OSleeve size based on your smart ring’s dimensions is straightforward, with pricing remaining consistent. For my size 11 Oura Ring, the medium OSleeve fits snugly but is manageable to put on and remove. If maintaining the pristine appearance of your Oura Ring is a priority, the OSleeve proves to be an excellent investment.

OSleeve is not the sole provider of smart ring covers, with alternative options available on platforms like Amazon. For instance, Oura includes one in its Equinox bundle, while RingConn offers an official transparent silicone cover. The decision to purchase one hinges on whether your smart ring is exposed to potential damage during wear or if safeguarding it from scratches indefinitely is a priority. Regardless, as smart rings gain popularity this year, a ring cover may emerge as an essential accessory to safeguard our valuable tech investments.

The OSleeve is currently available for purchase.

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