Potential Significant Battery Enhancement Expected for iPhone 16 Pro Max

An image depicting four imitation models of the iPhone 16 series.
Imitation models of iPhone 16

The forthcoming iPhone 16 is still a few months away from its projected debut in autumn, yet a plethora of rumors, leaks, and conjecture has already surfaced regarding its specifications and capabilities. An intriguing rumor concerning the iPhone 16 Pro Max originates from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, detailing a fresh battery being incorporated by Apple into the device.

As per Kuo’s latest examination of the supply chain, the iPhone 16 Pro Max is set to include a battery cell with an augmented energy density (Wh/kg). In essence, this implies a lengthier battery life for the same battery dimensions or a smaller battery size with an equivalent battery life.

This development is noteworthy due to recent reports suggesting that the iPhone 16 Pro Max might showcase its largest screen ever — 6.9 inches, up from the 6.7 inches of its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. With a marginally more power-intensive panel, it is reassuring to learn that Apple is addressing this with the enhanced battery density.

The elevation in the battery’s energy density will naturally lead to heightened heat generation during operation. To mitigate overheating, Apple has opted for a novel stainless steel battery enclosure for improved heat dissipation. Although steel may not be as effective as aluminum in dissipating heat, it boasts superior strength and resistance to corrosion, possibly influencing Apple’s material choice. The proposed stainless steel battery casing is anticipated to be supplied by Xinwei Communications.

Mockup of iPhone 16 Pro Max alongside an iPhone 15 Pro Max.
A model of iPhone 16 Pro Max (left) alongside an iPhone 15 Pro Max

Kuo is of the opinion that if the implementation of the advanced battery design featuring the energy density enhancement and stainless steel casing proceeds smoothly, the forthcoming iPhone generation anticipated in 2025 (likely labeled as the iPhone 17 if Apple adheres to its naming convention) will integrate this technology across all models.

The revelations about the updated battery cell and casing come on the heels of rumors hinting at a substantial redesign for the iPhone 16. Anticipated modifications across all iPhone 16 models include the base model incorporating a vertical pill-shaped camera module. On the other hand, the iPhone 16 Pro is expected to introduce a larger Action Button and a fresh Capture Button, while retaining the overall design from the previous year.

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