Tech Enthusiasts Surprised by Radical Apple Watch X Concept – A Closer Look at the Innovative Design

Artistic representation of an Apple Watch X image with an integrated camera designed by

Expected later this year or in 2025, Apple is set to debut the tenth edition of the Apple Watch, rumored to be named the “Apple Watch X” in a similar fashion to the iPhone X. This unveiling is highly awaited, with independent creators already crafting visions for it. One of these designs has captured our imagination.

The creative mind behind this remarkable concept is Lukas Gehrer at the German design firm Wordsmattr. The design is playful and extravagant, resembling the Apple Watch Ultra 2 but with sleeker and curved contours. Crafted from dark titanium, a departure from the natural titanium seen in the current Apple Watch Ultra and its predecessor, there have long been speculations about a Space Gray or Space Black titanium Apple Watch, yet it has not materialized.

Creative depiction of an Apple Watch design showcasing a blood pressure sensor by

Gehrer has envisioned a groundbreaking concept for the Apple Watch X. This design incorporates a built-in camera for FaceTime and a blood pressure sensor. While the arrival of a blood pressure sensor on the Apple Watch has been rumored, the addition of a built-in FaceTime camera is an unexpected and exciting development. If accurate, it would undoubtedly enhance the Apple Watch experience.

In a recent statement, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggested that this year’s Apple Watches may undergo a significant transformation. Whether the speculated features will be implemented remains uncertain. Personally, I am hopeful that in addition to a blood pressure monitor, the Apple Watch will introduce a blood sugar monitor for the first time. Should Apple choose to push the envelope with the Apple Watch X, that would be a remarkable step forward.

Imaginative portrayal of an Apple Watch design by

Regardless of the outcome concerning the Apple Watch X—be it a resemblance to this concept or not—it is intriguing to ponder the possibilities of such a significant Apple Watch release. When it comes to Apple Watch concepts, this certainly stands out as unique and engaging.

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