3 Lesser-Known Netflix Series Worth Watching Over the Weekend

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Netflix gained its reputation in part by becoming the ultimate destination for films (after wresting that distinction from Blockbuster Video). Let us not forget, long before entering the streaming arena and transforming how we consume content, Netflix was dispatching DVDs of movies directly to people’s homes.

Now, with Netflix exclusively focusing on streaming, it boasts an impressive array of titles for subscribers to enjoy. These offerings span from romantic comedies to animated series to some of the finest shows of recent times. Yet, navigating through the less popular titles to find these gems can prove to be quite a challenge. Fortunately, we are here to suggest the top three shows on Netflix worth exploring this weekend.

Lupin (2021-)

While initially a modest sensation upon its debut, Lupin has somewhat receded from the limelight, partly due to the language barrier for American viewers. This series, depicting a French gentleman thief and master of disguise executing daring heists, is a modernized rendition of a renowned French tale, delivering thrills through its innovative twists.

Across three seasons, the show has upheld its exceptional quality, with lead actor Omar Sy delivering a captivating portrayal of the stylish and elusive thief. Whether you missed the later seasons or have yet to embark on this journey, now is the ideal moment to give it a try.

You can stream Lupin on Netflix.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (2023)

Featuring much of the ensemble from Edgar Wright’s 2010 adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off serves as a vibrant and delightful companion to the 2010 film. This animated series, spanning eight episodes, delves deeper into specific aspects of the graphic novel than its live-action counterpart could, leveraging the animated format to explore even more creativity and eccentricity.

Showcasing a unique and fitting animation style and a star-studded cast including Michael Cera, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Evans, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

You can watch Scott Pilgrim Takes Off on Netflix.

Never Have I Ever (2020-2023)

This adolescent comedy revolving around a young, headstrong girl navigating adolescence and love stands out as one of the wittiest and most entertaining shows ever presented by Netflix. The series tracks Devi, a brilliant student at a California high school torn between the school heartthrob and an academic competitor.

However, the series delves far beyond her romantic entanglements, addressing themes of loss and the stumbling journey into adulthood. As the show concluded after four seasons, one of the most satisfying aspects was witnessing Devi simply deciding to step out of her own way.

You can view Never Have I Ever on Netflix.

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