3 overlooked Amazon Prime Video films worth viewing this weekend

A young boy gazes at his father in Interstellar.

Amazon Prime Video boasts a vast collection that continues to grow. For Amazon Prime members, this is a valuable benefit, yet sifting through the available titles to find something of interest can be a daunting task.

Luckily, we have sifted through some options for you and have selected three titles worth exploring this weekend. From heartfelt period romances to stories of surrogate fatherhood, this list offers a diverse range of content. It serves as a reminder of the wealth of quality content on Prime Video, including recent releases that may have slipped under your radar during their theatrical run.

Envision Me Through Your Title (2017)

The film that propelled Timothée Chalamet, known for his role in Wonka, into stardom, Envision Me Through Your Title narrates the tale of a young man who develops feelings for his father’s student while spending a summer in Italy. Beyond being a poignant coming-of-age story, this film also showcases the unparalleled beauty of Italy.

Chalamet delivers an outstanding performance in the lead role, complemented by a talented supporting cast. Ultimately, Envision Me Through Your Title underscores the significance of experiencing life to the fullest in youth, even though some of those experiences may lead to heartache.

You can view Envision Me Through Your Title on Prime Video.

The Remnants (2023)

A nostalgic nod to 1970s cinema, The Remnants follows the story of a boarding school teacher assigned to oversee students who remain on campus over winter break. As the narrative unfolds, it evolves into a touching portrayal of the bond between this stern professor and one of the students, as they mutually grow and evolve.

Despite any initial skepticism, The Remnants defies expectations. The film is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and showcases exceptional performances from its trio of central characters.

The Remnants is available for streaming on Prime Video.

Galactic Journey (2014)

Christopher Nolan’s epic space odyssey, Galactic Journey, initially sparked mixed reactions but has since garnered increasing acclaim. Set in a future where Earth faces impending doom and humanity seeks a new habitat, the story follows Matthew McConaughey as a pilot embarking on a deep space mission in search of a new home for mankind.

The plot unfolds into intricate layers, yet at its core, it explores the profound bond between parents and children that transcends the confines of space and time. While sentimental, the film is likely to evoke emotional responses by its conclusion.

Galactic Journey is ready for streaming on Prime Video.

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