3 Romantic Comedy Films on Netflix Worth Watching in June 2024

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Romantic comedies are the ideal films to enjoy during the summer season. The risks are minimal, yet the atmosphere is lively. Moreover, the settings are splendid. Consider Anyone But You, a charming rom-com featuring Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney. The tale of two attractive individuals falling in love on the shores of Australia promises a delightful experience.

Netflix presents a selection of top-notch rom-coms for streaming. Below, we have handpicked three romantic comedies to watch this June. All three are available for streaming right now. Our choices encompass a love story intertwined with the melodies of the Beatles, a mother-daughter wedding escapade, and a romantic entanglement at a tropical retreat.

The Film “Yesterday” (2019)

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Danny Boyle’s Yesterday presents a brilliant concept: What if only one individual in the world remembered the music of the Beatles? That fortunate soul is Jack Malik (Himesh Patel), an aspiring singer-songwriter with dreams of stardom. Following a mishap involving a bus during a global power outage, Jack miraculously recovers and performs a beautiful rendition of the Beatles’ classic “Yesterday.” To his surprise, Jack’s friends attribute the song to him, not realizing it was penned by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The Beatles have vanished from memory post-blackout.

Nevertheless, Jack retains the lyrics to all Beatles songs. Armed with this knowledge, Jack rises to fame overnight, becoming an instant sensation and celebrity. However, fame and fortune lose their luster when you can’t share them with your beloved, a lesson Jack gradually comprehends. Even for those not die-hard Beatles fans, Yesterday offers an enjoyable and endearing rom-com with great chemistry between the leads and delightful music.

Watch Yesterday on Netflix.

Mother of the Bride (2024)

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Weddings always provide a charming backdrop for romantic comedies, typically set in a church. However, Mother of the Bride shifts the scene to the picturesque beaches of Thailand. Brooke Shields portrays Lana Winslow, a widow and mother to Emma Winslow (Miranda Cosgrove). When Emma returns from her stint in London, she surprises Lana with news of her engagement to RJ (Sean Teale).

Lana, caught off guard by the sudden announcement, must quickly come to terms with the impending wedding in Thailand, just a month away. Like any devoted mother, Lana eventually embraces her daughter’s decision and agrees to attend the wedding. While a wedding in a tropical paradise may seem idyllic, unexpected complications arise when Lana discovers that RJ is the son of her former flame, Will Jackson (Benjamin Bratt), who once broke her heart. Despite the potential for disaster, could there be a chance for love to reignite between these former lovers?

Watch Mother of the Bride on Netflix.

Resort to Love (2021)

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Netflix’s original rom-coms often mirror Hallmark movies in their appeal. These stories typically revolve around a protagonist struggling to move on from a past relationship. Seeking a fresh start, the protagonist embarks on a journey to a new locale to escape their troubles, only to find that drama follows them wherever they go. Along the way, they encounter someone who challenges their emotions, prompting a reevaluation of their readiness for love.

This encapsulates the essence of Resort to Love. Erica Wilson (Christina Milian) is a pop sensation in search of her big break. Still haunted by memories of her ex-fiance Jason (Jay Pharoah) from four years ago, Erica decides to take on a gig at a stunning island resort for a change of scenery. As fate would have it, one of Erica’s first performances is at the wedding of Jason and his new fiancée, Beverly (Christiani Pitts). Despite the setbacks, Erica finds solace in Jason’s brother, Caleb (Sinqua Walls). Will this newfound connection lead to a meaningful relationship, or is Erica’s heart still entangled with Jason?

Watch Resort to Love on Netflix.

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