Director Chris Nash Reveals His Top Three Most Memorable Horror Movie Deaths

A masked man lifts an axe in In a Violent Nature.

It’s a common truth that the majority of individuals dread death. Hence, it’s peculiar that the horror genre, often characterized by the brutal demise of its characters, has maintained enduring popularity. What is it about witnessing death that captivates us so?

The most recent horror flick showcasing death on a grand scale, In A Violent Nature, presents a series of memorable killings in a remarkable demonstration of innovation and state-of-the-art prosthetics. Digital Trends recently interviewed the movie’s director, Chris Nash, posing one of the most crucial questions to a genre filmmaker today: What are your top three deaths in horror cinema?

Demise by freezing nitrogen — Jason X (2001)

“One of them is from a Friday the 13th installment, Jason X. It’s the liquid nitrogen death scene where Jason plunges a girl’s face into a pool of liquid nitrogen, causing her face to solidify, followed by smashing her face on a nearby table. I adore that one. It’s a fantastic kill. It’s enjoyable because it’s incredibly inventive. There’s no recovery from that; no one is piecing Humpty Dumpty back together.”

Vegetarianism can prove fatal — Creepshow (1982)

“I also appreciate deaths that are more abstract and unsettling rather than purely graphic and gory. That’s why I admire The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill so much. I adore how that segment of Creepshow concludes with such a devastating blow. It’s unexpected, as it starts with Stephen King playfully acting in front of the camera. It seems so enjoyable and light-hearted. It’s a somewhat goofy segment.

“And then, towards the end… you realize that he’s completely overwhelmed by this alien plant life that’s feeding off his body, causing him agony. He’s begging to God before taking his own life. It’s like, oh, that lingers with you. That death truly left me feeling profoundly empty once it was over.”

Dreams have lethal consequences — A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

“My third choice is a pure nostalgic one for me: Johnny Depp being sucked into his bed in A Nightmare on Elm Street and transforming into a geyser of blood that floods his entire bedroom. Yeah, that was quite a sight to behold, especially as a young child.

“I actually appreciated every death in that movie because I was deeply troubled by existential dread as a child. The notion that while you sleep, someone can enter your dreams and kill you… it’s horrifying.”

In a Violent Nature is presently showing in cinemas nationwide.

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