Exciting Additions to Disney+ for June 2024

Amandla Stenberg starring in The Acolyte.

Following a rather sparse programming lineup in May, Disney+ has introduced some fresh shows in June that are not tied to Marvel, Doctor Who, or Star Wars. Nevertheless, the highlight of the month remains the new Star Wars series, The Acolyte, premiering with two episodes on June 4.

Disney is commemorating Donald Duck’s 90th anniversary by including three classic cartoons featuring the beloved character. This raises questions: Why only three Donald Duck cartoons? Shouldn’t all Disney cartoon shorts be available on Disney+ by now?

It’s encouraging to see more viewing choices this month, particularly from National Geographic. Fans of science fiction will also appreciate the remaining episodes of the current season of Doctor Who.

Below is our compilation of everything new on Disney+ in June 2024, with our top picks highlighted in bold.

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New Additions on Disney+ in June 2024

June 1

  • For the First Time in Forever: The Making of World of Frozen

June 3

  • World Eats Bread (Season 1, 3 Episodes)

June 4

  • Erased: WW2’s Heroes of Color (Season 1, 4 Episodes)
  • The Acolyte (Episodes 1 and 2)

June 5

  • Disney Jr.’s Ariel: Mermaid Tales (Season 1, 10 Episodes)

June 7

  • Big City Greens the Movie: Spacecation
  • Doctor Who (Episode 6)

June 8

  • Protecting Paradise: The Story of Niue

June 9

  • Celebrating Donald Duck’s 90th Anniversary:
  • Crazy Over Daisy
  • Out on a Limb
  • DIY Duck

June 11

  • The Acoltye (Episode 3)

June 12

  • Fiennes: Return to the Wild (Season 1, 2 Episodes)
  • SuperKitties (Season 2, 4 Episodes)

June 14

  • Doctor Who (Episode 7)

June 18

  • Clotilda: The Return Home
  • The Acolyte (Episode 4)

June 19

  • Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog (Season 4, 11 Episodes)
  • Meet Spidey and His Amazing Friends (Shorts) (Season 3, 5 Episodes)
  • To Catch A Smuggler (Season 7, 8 Episodes)
  • Wicked Tuna (Season 13, 12 Episodes)

June 21

  • Doctor Who (Episode 8)

June 25

  • The Acolyte (Episode 5)

June 26

  • Beaches
  • Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal (Season 3, 7 Episodes)
  • Tiny House Nation (Season 1, 8 Episodes, Special Episode Tiny Haunted Houses)
  • Wahlburgers (Season 1, 10 Episodes)

June 28

  • Disney Jr.’s Ariel (Season 1, 8 Episodes)

June 29

  • Chibi Tiny Tales (Season 5, 8 Episodes)
  • Paranormal State (Season 6, 8 Episodes)
  • Zombies: The Re-Animated Series (Season 1, 11 Episodes)

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