Konami Unveils Initial Trailer for Silent Hill’s Long-Awaited Return

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Konami has unveiled the inaugural preview for Return to Silent Hill, the forthcoming chilling film inspired by the video game Silent Hill 2.

The haunting preview tracks James (Jeremy Irvine), a man shattered by his separation from his beloved, Mary (Hannah Emily Anderson). James receives a peculiar missive that guides him back to a locale named Silent Hill. Yet, Silent Hill has now transformed into a place consumed by malevolence.

“As James delves deeper into the shadows, he encounters horrifying entities both recognizable and novel, and begins to doubt his own rationality as he grapples to comprehend reality and persevere long enough to rescue his lost love,” the summary conveys.

Witness the enthralling new preview of #RETURNTOSILENTHILL helmed and produced by Christophe Gans with composer @AkiraYamaoka.

Coming soon. pic.twitter.com/1gTcSAapnc

— Konami (@Konami) May 31, 2024

A glimpse behind the scenes was disclosed during Thursday’s Silent Hill Transmission, showcasing an interview with director Christophe Gans of Return to Silent Hill. While the initial Silent Hill was a grand voyage of terror, Gans depicted Return to Silent Hill as a “profound exploration into psychological horror.”

“This movie introduces an emotional dimension to the horror, and consequently, the horror becomes more disquieting, even more unnerving,” Gans appended.

Initially announced in October 2022, Return to Silent Hill is directed by Gans from a script he co-authored with Sandra Vo-Anh and William Josef Schneider. Victor Hadida of Davis Films will oversee production in collaboration with Hassell Free Productions’ Molly Hassell and David Wulf.

Return to Silent Hill is grounded in Silent Hill 2, the 2001 video game by Konami launched for PlayStation 2. This game is widely acclaimed as the finest installment in the series. Silent Hill 2 is undergoing a remake and is set to launch on October 8. The game will be accessible on PS5 and PC.

Return to Silent Hill, the third installment in the Silent Hill film series, will function as a fresh start. The 2006 film Silent Hill was directed by Gans and featured Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean. The movie amassed over $100 million globally against a $50 million budget. M.J. Bassett scripted and directed 2012’s Silent Hill: Revelation, the second chapter in the series.

Return to Silent Hill does not have a specified release date.

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