Must-See: 5 Anya Taylor-Joy Films to Stream Immediately

Furiosa reclines against a wall of flames in Furiosa.

Anya Taylor-Joy stands out as one of the most gifted performers of her era, solidifying her position as a captivating film luminary through her roles. After her breakthrough performance in Robert Eggers’ The Witch, where she showcased her acting prowess in the horror genre, Taylor-Joy went on to feature in a diverse array of movies and shows.

This versatile artist has graced several critically acclaimed films that showcase her captivating versatility, with her recent portrayal as the lead in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga already proving to be a remarkable triumph. Fans should regard these top Anya Taylor-Joy films as essential viewing, as they highlight her undeniable talent to captivate audiences and enhance any production she’s part of.

Recent Evening in Soho (2021)

A man and a woman dash in Recent Evening in Soho.

Recent Evening in Soho is an enthralling psychological horror film that follows Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie), a budding fashion designer, who mysteriously finds herself transported back to 1960s London in her dreams. Amid these vivid dreams, she begins to witness apparitions of Sandie (Taylor-Joy), a dazzling singer whose glamorous life unveils a darker side. The boundaries between past and present blur, compelling Eloise to confront the terrors that haunt both eras to unveil the truth behind Sandie’s destiny.

While it may not be director Edgar Wright’s finest work, Recent Evening in Soho earns praise for its attempt to capture a bygone era through ambiance and sound. The 2021 film boldly endeavors to blend music, fashion, and suspense, and though it may not hit all the marks, it has garnered generally positive feedback from critics and audiences alike. It is a must-see for Taylor-Joy’s captivating portrayal as the ambitious Sandie.

Recent Evening in Soho is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

Emma. (2020)

Anya Taylor-Joy in Emma.

Director Autumn de Wilde’s Emma. is a delightful adaptation of Jane Austen’s 1815 novel of the same name, starring Taylor-Joy as the titular character. Set in Regency-era England, it follows Miss Emma Woodhouse (Taylor-Joy), a wealthy and self-assured young woman who sees herself as a matchmaker. She interferes in the romantic affairs of her acquaintances, particularly Harriet Smith (Pearl’s Mia Goth), with outcomes not always aligning with her intentions. Throughout her escapades, Emma’s own emotions are tested, especially with the arrival of the charming Mr. Knightley (Johnny Flynn).

Emma is a visual treat, with its vibrant hues, opulent costumes, and intricate sets transporting viewers to a lavish period. The impeccable production design and the stellar performances from the entire cast make Emma a captivating and imaginative period drama. Taylor-Joy’s portrayal of the cunning yet relatable protagonist is the highlight, with a modernized twist that remains faithful to Austen’s incisive social critique.

Emma is accessible for streaming on Amazon Prime.

The Menu (2022)

Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult stand on a dock together in The Menu.

The Menu is a darkly comedic thriller helmed by Mark Mylod, using the realm of upscale dining to deliver sharp social commentary. It follows a hesitant Margot (Taylor-Joy) and an overly enthusiastic Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) as they journey to an exclusive restaurant on a private island managed by the renowned yet enigmatic Chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes). As the evening unfolds, it becomes evident that this dining experience is far from ordinary, with the chef and his team having something truly unique in store for their affluent guests.

From its gripping start to The Menu’s fiery conclusion, this eat-the-rich film establishes itself as a valuable addition to the burgeoning subgenre. The 2022 movie is a superb example of comedic satire executed well, poking fun at the elitism of fine dining in humorous yet often genuinely unsettling ways. Paired with industry veteran Ralph Fiennes as the cunning antagonist, Taylor-Joy shines as the clever unexpected guest, faced with a tough decision before the night concludes.

The Menu is available for rental or purchase on Amazon.

The Witch (2015)

Thomasin gazing at the camera with a content expression in The Witch.

The Witch is a folk horror film set in 1630s New England, where a devout Christian family has been exiled from their settlement. They strive to start anew on the outskirts of a remote forest. The family comprises the stern father, William (Ralph Ineson), his wife, Katherine (Kate Dickie), and their five children, including teenage daughter Thomasin (Taylor-Joy). When their infant son Samuel disappears while under Thomasin’s care, chaos ensues.

Directed by Robert Eggers, The Witch swiftly became a favorite among horror genre enthusiasts and is now recognized as one of the finest A24 horror films. Eggers promptly showcases his distinctive style in his debut feature, including the ominous atmosphere and escalating tension of horrifying events, as seen in his subsequent works like The Lighthouse. It’s fitting that The Witch features Taylor-Joy in her film debut, with the director and actress displaying a synergy that would shape their impressive careers ahead.

The Witch is accessible for streaming on Max.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024)

A woman conceals herself in shadow in Furiosa.

Among the most anticipated films of 2024, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is the latest thrilling action film from director George Miller. Serving as a prequel to the beloved Mad Max: Fury Road, it delves into the backstory of the titular character, with Taylor-Joy stepping into the role previously portrayed by Charlize Theron. The narrative traces Imperator Furiosa’s origins, beginning with her capture and enslavement by a ruthless warlord, Dementus (Chris Hemsworth). Torn from her peaceful existence, Furiosa endeavors to navigate through the chaos back to where she belongs.

Furiosa stands as a remarkable achievement and a valuable addition to the Mad Max saga, thanks to its adrenaline-pumping action and breathtaking set pieces reminiscent of the best elements of Fury Road. The 2024 prequel also sets itself apart with its somewhat polarizing pacing and a more explosive approach. Taylor-Joy embodies the protagonist flawlessly, adding layers of depth to the character’s transformation without overshadowing Theron’s portrayal.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is currently screening in theaters.

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