National Anthem’ preview hints at an LGBTQ+ romance set in the countryside of the United States.

A unique love tale unfolds in a Western countryside backdrop in National Anthem, Luke Gilford’s narrative featuring cowboy Dylan (Charlie Plummer) encountering a polyamorous duo.

“Anchored by tender yet lively portrayals, National Anthem is a tribute to rural queerness,” expressed by ‘s Kristy Puchko in her critique. “It doesn’t serve as a call to action, but rather as a resolute affirmation of existence and the quest for joy. Draped in the warm tones of the New Mexican desert and carried by the charm of an attractive and sensitive cast, this story forges its own route with a clear perspective and inclusive hearts.”

National Anthem hits select cinemas on July 12, followed by a nationwide release on July 19.

Bella Anderson

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