Top 34 Unmissable Netflix Dramas Available Instantly

Richard Gadd in Baby Reindeer sitting on a bus with a yellow coat staring forward, the image of deer ears on either side of him.

Netflix might still be grappling with the aftermath of last year’s Hollywood strikes, but it continues to release new successful dramas that have secured their place among the most popular shows on the streaming platform. This month, the latest dramas to enjoy are Baby Reindeer and A Man in Full, both envisioned as standalone miniseries. Though Baby Reindeer resolved most loose ends, a potential second season wouldn’t be entirely surprising.

Another enticing drama featured this month is Queen of the South, a crime series that ran for five seasons on USA. A captivating addition to Netflix’s best drama shows, Queen of the South offers binge-worthy entertainment. For more top drama picks, simply scroll down.

Drama Series Highlights

Donny Dunn shows kindness to Martha Scott in a scene from Baby Reindeer.

An intriguing twist unfolds as comedian and actor Richard Gadd draws from a real-life encounter with an alleged stalker to craft the hit Netflix series, Baby Reindeer. The resulting exposure brings the woman back into Gadd’s life, prompting a reflective journey. Renamed for the show, Donny Dunn (Gadd) showcases compassion towards Martha Scott (Jessica Gunning), leading to unforeseen consequences.

Initial sweet gestures soon spiral into Martha’s obsessive behavior, bombarding Donny with an unprecedented volume of messages. Attempting to let Martha down gently triggers her wrath. Donny discovers too late Martha’s history of stalking convictions, realizing pacifying her won’t be simple.

Indulge in Baby Reindeer on Netflix.

A Man in Full (2024)

The cast of A Man in Full.

David E. Kelley’s adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full packs a star-studded punch. Jeff Daniels leads as Charlie Croker, a real estate magnate facing bankruptcy. While adversaries sense vulnerability, Charlie maneuvers to maintain his empire.

Simultaneously, Conrad Hensley (Jon Michael Hill), loosely linked to Charlie, confronts a legal battle with Charlie’s designated fixer, Roger White (Aml Ameen), serving as his attorney. The stakes soar as Conrad faces charges for allegedly assaulting a police officer, challenging White’s expertise in criminal law.

Experience A Man In Full on Netflix.

Queen of the South (2016-2021)

Alice Braga and Jon-Michael Ecker in Queen of the South.

Reverberating echoes of Breaking Bad, Queen of the South shadows Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) ascending from destitution to eminence in the criminal domain, an arduous journey. Fleeing Mexico initially, Teresa seeks refuge with Doña Camila Vargas (Veronica Falcón), Dallas’ Vargas Cartel head.

Through cunning maneuvers driven by desperation and ambition, Teresa establishes her influence within the Vargas domain, transcending mere allegiance. However, her ascent extracts a toll, as Teresa navigates moral compromises critical for survival while losing facets of her identity.

Explore Queen of the South on Netflix.

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