Unearth These 3 Hidden Treasures in Streaming Movies to Ensure You Don’t Miss Out on the Excitement

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May is the final month of spring before the official start of summer. It’s also the month when numerous nations commemorate Mother’s Day, a unique occasion to express your love and regret to the woman who brought you into this world, acknowledging any past actions that may have caused her distress.

To honor this exceptional month, consider exploring these undervalued streaming treasures that perfectly match the ambiance of these 31 days. From films portraying selfless mothers to films featuring actresses in maternal roles, and even those showcasing women not suited for motherhood, these underappreciated gems are among the finest films on platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and more, offering ideal choices for viewing throughout the month.

Tully (2018)

Charlize Theron depicted as a pregnant Marlo seated on a chair, gazing intently at someone off-camera in Tully.

The collaboration between director Jason Reitman and Academy Award winners Charlize Theron and Diablo Cody resulted in two outstanding dramedies from the 2010s. The pinnacle of this partnership is the 2018 film, Tully, where Theron portrays Marlo, an overwhelmed mother of two expecting an unplanned third child. To alleviate her burden, her brother hires a nocturnal nanny named Tully (Mackenzie Davis), leading to a growing bond between the two women.

Tully offers a poignant, witty, and remarkably perceptive exploration of the challenges of motherhood. The movie eloquently portrays the struggles of being a mother without simplifying or vilifying the experience, offering a fresh perspective through humor and sincerity. At its core is Theron’s exceptional performance, infusing the role with genuine depth, vulnerability, and authenticity. Tully stands out as one of the finest comedies currently on Netflix, providing a tender portrayal of parenthood that is both enlightening and heartwarming.

Tully is now streaming on Netflix.

Stella Dallas (1937)

Barbara Stanwyck as Stella Dallas tying her hair back in Stella Dallas.

The iconic Barbara Stanwyck takes on the role of cinema’s most selfless mother in the 1937 melodrama, Stella Dallas. Directed by King Vidor and adapted from a 1923 novel, the film follows Stella, a working-class woman who marries a wealthy man and has a daughter named Laurel. However, the couple separates, leaving Stella to raise their child on her own. As Laurel grows up, Stella grapples with the lengths she is willing to go to ensure her daughter’s happiness.

Stella Dallas pays homage to the sacrificial love of mothers, although the ideals presented may seem outdated today. Stanwyck’s outstanding portrayal compensates for the film’s traditional conventions, elevating the narrative significantly. The result is a timeless melodrama depicting a woman’s determination to succeed and her unwavering dedication to her daughter, who, contrary to the usual narrative, displays genuine affection for her mother. Viewers will be captivated by Stanwyck’s exceptional performance and the film’s enduring themes.

Stella Dallas can be streamed on Pluto TV.

Co-dependency (2006)

Barbara holding Sheba by the collar in Notes on a Scandal.

When discussing mothers, one cannot overlook Notes on a Scandal. Richard Eyre’s psychological drama features Academy Award winner Judi Dench as Barbara Covett, a solitary and embittered history teacher who forms a bond with the new art teacher, Sheba Hart (Cate Blanchett). As Barbara’s fixation on Sheba intensifies, she uncovers Sheba’s inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old student, leading to a toxic dynamic of blackmail and psychological dependence.

Dench and Blanchett deliver stellar performances in this intense drama, portraying an unsettling yet mesmerizing relationship that verges on obsession. The actresses engage in a captivating portrayal of maternal figures, dominating the screen with their brilliantly unhinged performances. Notes on a Scandal blends adult drama with elements of psychological thriller, showcasing its talented leads and providing a compelling viewing experience. It’s a standout feature on Max currently and a must-see for any cinephile.

Notes on a Scandal is now available on Max.

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