All Unveiled at Microsoft Build 2024: Fresh Copilot and Edge Enhancements

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Microsoft Build 2024, a significant event for the Redmond-based tech behemoth, unveiled a variety of fresh features on Tuesday, including enhancements to its AI chatbot Copilot, novel Microsoft Teams tools, and more.

The occasion signified another indication of the trajectory technology is taking. Nowadays, everything revolves around AI — even Google playfully alluded to it during their recent I/O event — and Microsoft is no different.

Here’s a comprehensive rundown of all the announcements made at Build 2024, complete with links and specifics to delve deeper into the day’s highlights.

Team Copilot

Team Copilot represents a new AI functionality that might soon be visible in your Microsoft Teams meetings.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft touts Team Copilot as an AI collaborator of sorts that can join your video calls. It can summarize conversations and ensure each agenda item receives adequate time allocation. Moreover, all participants can modify Team Copilot’s notes, adding or removing content as needed. Team Copilot can also participate in chats, addressing users’ queries and bringing latecomers up to speed on prior discussions.

It’s noteworthy that Copilot garnered attention during the Surface event on Monday, which introduced two laptops: Surface Laptop 7 and Surface Pro 11. These devices prominently feature Copilot and AI, including a new function called “Recall” that monitors all your PC activities — enabling you to retrieve them anytime using natural language and a scrollable timeline.

Microsoft Edge live translation for videos

Microsoft revealed a fresh AI attribute for its Edge browser: real-time video translation.

Microsoft Edge

This feature can dub and add subtitles to specific videos. For instance, individuals with hearing impairments can utilize this feature to caption videos that were initially uncaptioned. It also benefits users who wish to watch videos in a different language. Currently, supported videos encompass content from YouTube, LinkedIn, and even Coursera.

New Microsoft Teams functionalities

Microsoft also rolled out a range of new features for Microsoft Teams, the firm’s rival to Zoom.

Microsoft Teams

This includes Intelligent Recap (AI-generated meeting notes) and the ability for users to upload custom emojis for personal use.

Copilot AI chatbot aids by monitoring your screen

Microsoft introduced a feature where its AI assistant can — as demonstrated in the company’s showcase — guide you through a task by observing your screen. The demonstration depicted Copilot assisting someone in learning how to play the game Minecraft. As Alex Perry noted, this choice was intriguing given that Minecraft is primarily played by young children.

Regardless of the necessity for this feature, it is now available.

Copilot Agents, an AI corporate assistant

Microsoft unveiled Copilot Agents, AI aides that pledge to “autonomously and proactively coordinate tasks for you.” In essence, they are AI assistants you create to handle background tasks, enhancing your work efficiency. Microsoft showcased onboarding a new employee as one such task.

Copilot Agents bear a striking resemblance to Google’s recently announced “AI Agents.” Google presented the upcoming feature at its I/O event earlier this month.

However, don’t rush to try Copilot agents just yet. It is not yet available, with only a planned public preview scheduled for later this year.

Capabilities of GPT-4o on Azure AI

Microsoft disclosed at Build that OpenAI’s multimodal model GPT-4o is now accessible to developers on Microsoft’s Azure AI.

If you’re an average individual navigating the everyday world, you might find that statement perplexing. As Cecily Mauran highlighted, “Microsoft’s Azure AI Studio serves as a playground for developers,” and now GPT-4o is among the tools accessible to developers. This grants developers access to the new model’s image and vision capabilities, marking a significant advancement.

Throughout the presentation, Microsoft showcased various ways to leverage GPT-4o, which Mauran delved into with further elaboration.

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