Android 14 set to make its debut on the Android TV operating system at long last

The interface of Android TV on a television.
Sundar Pichai stands in front of a Google emblem at Google I/O 2021.
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Following what has seemed like a prolonged period on Android 12, Google disclosed today at its Google I/O developer event in California that the foundation of around 220 million devices per month is receiving an upgrade to Android 14.

The terminology becomes somewhat unusual as we discuss Android TV and Google TV—both of which operate on various devices that may or may not be televisions. Nevertheless, the essence is that at some point in the relatively forthcoming future, your preferred Android TV gadget should be running a version that is less than three years old.

Further complicating matters is the fact that the Android version is merely a numerical figure, and there are numerous other elements involved in ensuring that the operating system you are utilizing is rather recent and secure. For example, consider the new Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device, which has recently replaced Chromecast with Google TV on our compilation of the best streaming equipment. It is powered by Android 12 but also includes the March security update. Thus, you are not essentially operating software that is three years old.

Having said all that, there are various enhancements to anticipate. Alongside the typical enhancements in performance, Google also mentions the arrival of new power-saving modes to lessen energy consumption while in standby mode. Additionally, expect new features for color correction and improved text alternatives, as well as enhanced navigation. Furthermore, a more efficient multitasking experience is anticipated due to an enhanced picture-in-picture mode, which is likely of greater significance to everyone.

Once more, these announcements originate from a developer conference, with some targeted towards the platform itself—Android TV—and some aimed at offering new tools for developers to integrate into their applications.

Nevertheless, all this will ultimately result in an enhanced user experience for the viewers engaging with the content.

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