Apple’s Music Haptics Empowers Hearing-Impaired to Experience Music’s Full Vibrancy

Accessibility feature in Apple's Music using haptic technology on an iPhone.

Today, Apple unveiled a variety of upcoming accessibility enhancements, introducing a groundbreaking tool that could revolutionize the experience for individuals with hearing impairments. Referred to as Music Haptics, this innovation from the tech giant is poised to redefine how users interact with music on their iPhones.

According to Apple, Music Haptics, slated for release later this year, is designed as an accessibility attribute leveraging the capabilities of the iPhone’s Taptic Engine (a longstanding feature in Apple products providing tactile feedback) to deliver “touches, textures, and subtle vibrations synced with the musical audio,” as outlined in a company statement.

Users will be able to synchronize their interactions with the music and Music Haptics will support a vast selection of tracks available in the Apple Music collection. Additionally, developers will have access to an API to incorporate this feature into their applications.

Although specific details regarding Music Haptics are not yet disclosed, Apple’s announcement, coinciding with tomorrow’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day, also encompasses a range of other impending accessibility additions, some of which were previously highlighted in our preview of iOS 18.

Comprising Eye Tracking, an AI-driven utility for iPad and iPhone utilizing the front camera to enhance device navigation for individuals with physical disabilities; Vocal Shortcuts enabling users to teach the device custom commands and phrases for Siri to execute tasks efficiently; and Listen for Atypical Speech designed to enhance Siri’s understanding of diverse speech patterns for users facing speech challenges.

Upcoming accessibility feature, Vocal Shortcut, on Apple devices.

Enhancements boosting accessibility also extend to automotive tools like Vehicle Motion Cues for iPhone and iPad to alleviate motion sickness, CarPlay voice command, and Sound Recognition in CarPlay displaying alerts on screen for individuals with hearing impairments, signaling sounds such as sirens and car horns.

Upcoming accessibility feature, Sound Recognition, on CarPlay.

Senior Director of Global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives at Apple, Sarah Herrlinger, remarked, “We continue to push the boundaries of accessibility year after year. These latest features will transform the experiences of a diverse user base, offering new communication methods, device control options, and enhanced mobility.”

For a comprehensive overview of Apple’s forthcoming accessibility features set to debut later this year, refer to the company’s official press release.

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