Gaming Monitor Breakthrough: MLA OLED Display Impresses; Budget-Friendly Beats Earbuds Introduced

Today on Nit Nerds News: YouTube’s most recent crackdown on ad blockers renders videos unviewable. Snag an 85-inch TV for $60 if you reside in or near Ohio. Fresh Beats Buds priced under $100 are on the horizon. Marantz unveils a new all-in-one marvel that brings together audio enthusiasts and video buffs. Additionally, Asus unveils a new OLED monitor for the masses.

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YouTube takes action against ad blocking

YouTube Application

Our main story this week: YouTube’s recent move to combat ad blockers now results in videos being inaccessible to viewers who utilize browser extensions to block ads. When an ad blocker is active, viewers will notice that YouTube videos automatically skip to the end. This change also affects mobile users employing ad-blocking software.

In the ongoing battle between content providers and ad blockers, it’s likely that popular ad-blocking tools like AdBlock will devise workarounds in due course. However, YouTube’s latest measures may prove more challenging to circumvent than before.

YouTube’s premium subscription service offers an ad-free viewing experience for a recently increased fee of $14 per month. While advertisements on YouTube contribute to the revenue of Alphabet, Google, and YouTube’s parent company, they also support the creators who share content on the platform.

Ohio Stadium offers 85-inch TVs for $60

Paul Brown Stadium

Interested in purchasing an 85-inch TV for just $60? If you’re open to acquiring a pre-owned TV and happen to be located in or near Ohio, you’re in luck. Hamilton County, Ohio, is selling off TVs previously used at Cincinnati’s Paycor Stadium. TVs ranging from 40 to 49 inches are priced at $40, 50 to 55 inches at $50, and anything larger, up to 85 inches, is available for $60. Buyers should be aware that while these TVs were functional when removed from the stadium, they are sold without a warranty or remote. The brand of these TVs remains undisclosed, but at such affordable prices, does it truly matter?

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Hisense U8N Mini-LED ULED 4K Google TV

Hisense U8N

The Hisense U8N ULED continues Hisense’s legacy of delivering exceptional performance at a remarkable value. Available in screen sizes from 55 to 85 inches, the 65-inch U8N model I reviewed exhibited a peak brightness exceeding 3500 nits, alongside deep black levels and vivid colors. Boasting numerous features tailored for gamers, seamless operation with Google TV, and outstanding picture quality as highlighted in my comprehensive U8N review, this model’s mini-LED backlight system ensures high brightness suitable for daytime viewing in well-lit spaces, while also presenting HDR content accurately in darker environments. Moreover, its built-in 2.1.2 sound system impresses with robust bass and clear dialogue, without requiring additional clarity settings, though they are available for customization.

Beats unveils budget-friendly earbuds

Beats Solo Buds

In other news, Beats introduces a new range of Solo earbuds. Priced around $80, the new Beats Buds are offered in various colors such as Matte Black, Storm Gray, Arctic Purple, and Transparent Red. The purple variant is exclusively available at Apple or Target. With a battery life of up to 18 hours, these are Beats’ most compact earbuds to date.

Asus unveils $750 OLED monitor

An Asus gaming monitor sitting on a table.

Searching for an affordable OLED gaming monitor? Asus has you covered with the new Asus ROG Strix 27-inch OLED gaming monitor priced at just $750. According to Digital Trends’ Jacob Roach, who reviewed the monitor, it not only offers great value but also delivers exceptional performance.

Marantz introduces M1 digital streaming amp

Marantz M1

Premium audio brand Marantz unveils a new device that bridges the gap between digital music enthusiasts and videophiles. The new M1 streaming amplifier is an all-digital amplifier featuring various digital audio inputs and an integrated streaming interface. Notably, it includes an eARC port for TV audio connectivity.

The amplifier section operates entirely in the digital domain, ensuring that all signals remain digital before being transmitted to virtually any passive speakers, delivering a claimed 100 watts per channel. With impressively low distortion levels, this amplifier promises exceptional audio quality. Supporting high-resolution digital audio and a range of streaming services, this piece of equipment is priced at approximately $1,000 or slightly less.

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