Google adopts classic approach, introduces text-based ‘Web’ filter option to enhance search capabilities

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Returning to Search’s origins.Acknowledgment: Didem Mente / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Unwilling to merely present us with the news of AI Overviews coming to search, Google has introduced a fresh “Web” filter in search that will exhibit only text-based links in results. It seems there is still space for some classic internet within the AI realm.

Debuted on Tuesday to coincide with the tech behemoth’s I/O event, the new filter will enable you to toggle between Google’s polished results tabs akin to Images, News, Videos and more. The “Web” tab made its debut in the U.S. yesterday and will be gradually introduced globally on Wednesday.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Public Liaison for Search, shared a thread about the new filter on X, formerly Twitter.

“We’ve incorporated this feature based on feedback indicating that there are instances when users would prefer to exclusively view links to web pages in their search outcomes, such as when seeking more extensive text documents, utilizing a device with restricted internet access, or those who have a preference for text-based results,” a statement mentioned.

This announcement is part of a series of revelations unveiled at Google’s I/O event, particularly revolving around Search. The company also disclosed the introduction of AI Overviews in the U.S. (soon worldwide) that will display AI-generated summaries above results, along with features like Search by Video, Planning with Search, and Contextual Search — ‘s Chance Townsend provides a more detailed insight into these.

The I/O event also witnessed the company release multiple AI unveilings centered on Gemini 1.5 Pro and Gemini 1.5 Flash, including DJ mode for Google’s Music FX, an Ask Photos functionality, AI personal assistants recognized as AI Agents, a video maker similar to OpenAI’s Sora named Veo, and many more.

‘s Tim Marcin puts together a comprehensive guide to I/O for your perusal; explore all of Google’s announcements.

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