Sonos Unveils Inaugural Headphones, Introducing the Sonos Ace

Sonos Ace Headphones

They are not demanding attention, which could be advantageous. Photo Credit: Miller Kern/

Sonos has finally stepped into the world of headphones.

Not straying too far, though. Recently, the company introduced its inaugural pair of headphones, Sonos Ace. These headphones embody the typical Sonos traits: sophisticated design, emphasis on audio quality, and seamless integration with the company’s range of devices.

Regarding sound quality, we must rely on Sonos’ claims as we have not yet had the opportunity to experience them firsthand. The company asserts the use of custom 40-millimeter dynamic drivers for audio output, along with beamforming microphones for voice calls and active noise cancellation.

Sonos Ace Headphones

In terms of aesthetics, the Sonos Ace headphones do not introduce any groundbreaking elements. Available in Black and Soft White, they exude a subtle charm in both color options. Sonos emphasizes the meticulous details, such as ultra-soft vegan leather ear cushions for comfort, a memory foam-lined headband, and stainless steel arms with concealed hinges within the ear cups.

Sonos Ace Headphones

One notable feature for users of other Sonos products is the ability to switch TV audio from Sonos’ Arc soundbar to the headphones with a single button press. These headphones support spatial audio with Dolby Atmos and dynamic head tracking, ensuring precise sound localization.

Sonos Ace Headphones

The audio quality will vary based on how you connect the Ace to the audio source. For lossless audio, you can opt for a USB-C cable or connect via Bluetooth to a device supporting Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound AptX Lossless. Apple devices do not support this, so USB-C connection remains the sole option for lossless audio.

Regarding active noise cancellation (ANC), its effectiveness is best judged through personal experience. Sonos introduces an Aware mode, accessible with a button press, allowing immediate environmental sound awareness, which the company claims surpasses typical headphone performance.

The Sonos Ace battery life with ANC activated is up to 30 hours, and rapid charging provides three hours of usage with just a three-minute charge.

The Sonos Ace headphones start at $449 in the U.S. and €499 in Europe, with availability commencing on June 5.

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