Ideal for Pickleball: Reviewing the Waterproof Speaker, Speaqua Barnacle Pro 2.0

Innovative Speaqua Barnacle Pro 2.0 Bluetooth speaker
Indeed, a speaker is affixed to that net.

Are you a Pickleball enthusiast or do you know someone who is? The latest, most fashionable sport now has a technological companion in the Speaqua Pickleball Barnacle Pro 2.0 waterproof speaker.

What sets this compact speaker apart, tailored specifically for enjoying music while engaging in Pickleball? Technically, it’s not designed solely for that purpose. However, the astute marketing hints at several features that make it perfect for on-court use during an intense match of Pickleball or similar sports like tennis.

Firstly, it features an integrated carabiner clip and a versatile mounting system that simplifies attachment to the edge of a net, bag, or other surfaces. It also includes a GoPro mount adapter for excellent sound accompaniment to your action videos. The detachable industrial-strength suction cup can stick to various surfaces, from paddle boards to shower tiles, allowing you to enjoy music during your post-workout shower as well.

Secondly, it is encased in a sturdy, shockproof body with an IP68 rating for resistance against water and dust. Due to its waterproof rating and spherical shape, this waterproof speaker can even float, making it an excellent choice for use at the beach, poolside, or during water-related activities.

Advanced Speaqua Barnacle 2.0 waterproof speakerIts tailored sound profiles are crafted to enrich sound based on your music preferences, offering EQ settings optimized for both indoor and outdoor listening. Additionally, it supports dual-speaker pairing for a more immersive stereo experience. Place one on each side of the court so that both players can relish the ultimate audio experience. After your active session, continue enjoying the music by using it at home as a desktop speaker or even a speakerphone.

Lastly, the internal memory can store up to 2,000 songs, eliminating the need to connect your mobile device for streaming. This prevents draining your phone’s battery and exposing it to sunlight. Play your game, then carry on with your day, knowing your phone is safely stored in your bag and fully charged. The speaker also offers Bluetooth connectivity for streaming if desired. Pair it with your mobile device and listen to music, podcasts, game commentary, or even live coaching. With an eight-hour battery life, the speaker provides enough power for a week’s worth of Pickleball sessions or more.

Innovative Speaqua Barnacle 2.0 waterproof speaker

Therefore, while the Pickleball Barnacle Pro 2.0 draws inspiration from the popular game, it remains a standard waterproof Bluetooth speaker with built-in memory and customized audio modes like any other. However, if you seek a speaker to bring onto the court, this option and its matching namesake might be just what you’re looking for.

Priced at only $70 and offered in a wide array of colors, the Speaqua Pickleball Barnacle Pro 2.0 makes for an ideal Father’s Day gift for a dad who enjoys spending time on the court or partaking in outdoor activities and adventures.

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