Speculations swirl about a slimmer iPhone on the horizon. Is Apple aiming for a minimalist design with their new release?

A detailed view of an iPhone 15 camera.

Possibly still too sizable to comfortably fit in the typical hand.Credit: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

At long last, an iPhone tailored for the refined, petite-handed Apple enthusiast.

Rumors circulating within Apple’s creative ideation suggest the company is exploring the idea of slimming down the profile of its iPhone, as reported by The Information. While specific details are yet to be finalized, the new iteration could feature a more compact amalgamation of its front camera and Face ID sensors, or a lighter aluminum shell. In a departure from the current design, Apple might shift the rear lenses to the center of the device to achieve a more streamlined appearance.

Insiders indicate that these plans hint at an “iPhone X-caliber leap in design ethos for the company,” as per Engadget’s report. Interpret that as you may.

The sleeker iPhone structure could potentially replace the current Pro model aesthetic, rumored to sport an even larger standard screen size in the forthcoming iPhone 16 series.

Just recently, Apple unveiled its latest 11-inch and 13-inch iPad pro models, touted as the brand’s thinnest devices to date, thinner even than the classic iPod nano.

While phones continue to grow in size, they are also becoming thinner, hinting at a potential dawn of innovative AI advancements. Exciting times ahead!

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