Spotify Renders All Remaining Car Things Inoperable

The Spotify emblem is exhibited on a mobile device with Spotify visible in the backdrop in this picture representation in Brussels, Belgium, on May 11, 2024.

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Do you possess a Car Thing gadget? It would indeed be regrettable if someone terminated it, rendered it inoperable, and declined to provide any substitutes or exchanges.

As it turns out, that is precisely what Spotify is executing.

The in-car accessory Spotify introduced in 2021 and ceased production of less than a year ago will be rendered entirely nonfunctional after December 9, 2024.

“We have opted to discontinue Car Thing. Consequently, Car Thing will cease to function,” Spotify stated in a FAQ released earlier this week. “This resolution was not taken lightly, and we wish to reassure you that our dedication to delivering an exceptional listening experience remains unwavering.”

To clarify, it was quite a quirky device from the outset. It permitted users to stream music through their car speakers if they were concurrently linked to a phone via voice recognition and preset buttons. Spotify cites the discontinuation of Car Thing as a means to enhance the efficiency of our product range.”

“We acknowledge that this may be disheartening, but this determination enables us to concentrate on creating new features and improvements that will ultimately offer a superior experience to all Spotify users,” the corporation articulated.

Given that the product is hardware, this is an exceedingly wasteful action. Spotify suggests resetting the device to its original settings and consulting your local waste management authority on how to dispose of it properly. The company has no intentions to provide any exchange alternatives or replacements for Car Thing.

Fortunately, there are numerous other methods to enjoy music in your vehicle, such as the radio and Bluetooth. Alternatively, if you are akin to my father in the 1970s, you could secure your rear seat record player with a seatbelt. Whatever suits your preference — just not Car Thing.

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