Comparing the Weight of iPads: Why the Air Model Surprisingly Outweighs the Pro – A Comprehensive Comparison

Apple iPad Air

What’s less dense than Air? The significantly more potent Pro, evidently.Credit: Apple

In 2008, at the Macworld conference in San Francisco, Steve Jobs revealed the original MacBook Air from a manila envelope, marking the start of ultra-light, “Air” Apple products era.

While some iterations of the MacBook Air did gain weight in subsequent years – like the larger 15-inch model – Apple’s Air lineup remained generally lightweight and agile.

However, in the latest iPad lineup unveiled at yesterday’s “Let Loose” event, the “Air” moniker seems less appropriate. During the event, Apple presented two new iPad Air models and two new iPad Pro models — all available in either an 11-inch or 13-inch size. Surprisingly, the Air models now are bulkier and heavier than their Pro counterparts.

Apple iPad Pro

The 11-inch iPad Pro is 0.21 inches thick and weighs 0.98 pounds, whereas the 11-inch iPad Air is a bit thicker, measuring 0.24 inches, and weighing 1.02 pounds. Similarly, the 13-inch iPad Pro is 0.20 inches in thickness and has a weight of 1.28 pounds, while the 13-inch iPad Air measures 0.24 inches in thickness and weighs 1.36 pounds.

Apple iPad Air

It’s also important to note that the 11-inch iPad Air is slightly (0.03 pounds) lighter than the 10.9-inch iPad, which is significantly less expensive (starting at $349 compared to the starting price of $599 for the 11-inch Air).

The new iPad Air models do have a minor positive aspect, though: They are a tad shorter than their iPad Pro counterparts. The 11-inch iPad Air measures 9.74 by 7.02 inches, while the 11-inch iPad Pro measures 9.83 by 6.99 inches. The 13-inch iPad Air is sized at 11.04 inches by 8.46 inches, making it both shorter and narrower than the 13-inch iPad Pro, which measures 11.09 by 8.48 inches. These differences are negligible in practical use, however.

While it may not be a significant issue for the average consumer (certainly not for us), it is peculiar. Apple’s Air products were always more than just cheaper alternatives to the Pro models; they were sleeker, thinner, and smaller options, giving the impression of receiving more (in terms of less weight and size) for your money. Now, the iPad Air is merely a more affordable, slightly heavier interpretation of the iPad Pro. Perhaps a rebranding is in order?

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